Kingston has announced that they are sitting on the throne for another year as they are crowned the best SSD brand for 2022.

Kingston SSD Shipment 2022 Number 1

Its leading presence in the flash storage market pinches ever so close to the quarter mark because they have achieved a 24% market share last year, Kingston attributed the success to the expected boom of its PCIe 4.0 drives such as the NV2, KC3000, and FURY Renegade offerings that targets specific users for their budget and needs.

The total client SSD unit market actually decreased by 15% YoY yet Kingston is still able to come out ahead speaks of their immense experience in partnering with industrial players and the commerce world, in general, to push for the high-performance ratio provided by the PCIe 4.0 protocol. Combining that factor with the trend of flash module prices falling to an all-time low, no wonder everyone is out to get one for every computer system they are building or buying.


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