It has been quite some time where Kingston has officially departed with the HyperX trademark after selling the brand to HP and returning to the scene with the FURY lineup rebrand. However, today is the day where the first set of FURY products have been revealed, starting with the RAM kits.

Kingston FURY Family Shot

With a new brand name comes with a new set of tiered lineups which Kingston gave them the Impact, Beast, and Renegade name from the lowest and budget focused to the most high-end ones. Not only that, sub-variants that either comes with RGB or non-RGB are also present to satisfy a wide range of gamers. Starting from the FURY Renegade, it can easily maximize your system performance through its maximum frequency of 5333MHz and latencies in the range of CL15 to CL19. Available in capacities of up to 32GB (Single Module) and 256GB (Kits of 8), the FURY Renegade also enjoys some nice features such as dynamic synchronizable RGB effects and curated Intel XMP profiles to help you unlock the best potential of your rig within simple clicks.

Stepping down a bit is the FURY Beast is where the performance and pricing scale gets a pretty balance reading as the frequency is targeted for a maximum of 3733MHz around the same CL15-CL19 latencies. It also enjoys the same set of RGB features while sporting a slightly different heat spreader design. In terms of capacities, you can find them starting from 8GB (Single Module) and 16GB (Kits of 2) and Kingston provides it in both DDR4 and DDR3 versions so if your old rigs need some upgrade, this is the one to look out for.

For the laptop sector, the FURY Impact SODIMM memory is in charge as it is both compatible with Intel and AMD platforms where it will automatically configure itself to reach the highest frequency possible at up to 3200MHz. It also runs cool and quiet while operating at just 1.2V with both DDR4 and DDR3 variants available to choose from. Old laptops can really use some RAM upgrades at this point and time anyway.


No official information for Malaysia’s official release date and MSRP is available at the moment. But you may check out the rest of the information over at the very bottom section of the product page.


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