Kingston has officially unveiled the “all-new” FURY series title together with several offerings of the lineup.

Kingston FURY Renegade DDR4 RGB

Not to be confused with HyperX FURY (HyperX is legally under HP starting around 2 days ago), the Kingston FURY series signifies the company’s return to the high-performance, enthusiasts and gaming brand, starting with its specialization – memory products. While FURY will be offering items from DRAM kits, SSD storages, and other flash-based devices, the debut of the rebranded products will be purely DRAM kits of DDR3 and DDR4 which skew into 3 types: Value tier FURY Impact with up to 3200MHz, Bang-for-the-Buck FURY Beast with up to 3733MHz and Ultimate performance FURY Renegade with up to 5333MHz. Being a world-leading memory brand, the inevitable DDR5 has been hinted at and teased by some other manufacturers and Kingston has joined the party where Q4 2021 will be the official launch period for the next-generation volatile memory standards.

And if you look closely enough, the heat spreader design is the same as the old HyperX Predator, isn’t it.


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