Huawei P10 Offers Malaysians VoLTE technology 1

Last year, DiGi publicised that they will be offering VoLTE to all their customers who uses VoLTE compatible smartphones. It was a great news because it promises quicker connection and better voice quality. Today, Huawei is proud to announce that Malaysians can now enjoy Digi’s voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology with the Huawei’s latest flagship P10 series.

What is VoLTE?

Nowadays, we are extremely familiar with LTE (Long-Term Evolution). It has been marketed as the 4G high-speed mobile internet. If you happen to subscribe to any of the Internet plans by our local telcos, you must be aware of the little 4G or LTE icon at the top of your smartphone’s display. That means you’re enjoying the benefit of high-speed mobile Internet, well, provided if you stay in LTE’s coverage area.

VoLTE is an abbreviation of “Voice over LTE”, which means using LTE to make calls. Just in case you don’t know. All these while, we’re only utilising the 2G and 3G network to make calls, while the LTE network has been exclusive for data purposes. With this upgrade, you can now make higher definition voice calls. Even getting connected is quicker than the 3G voice network, imagine that voice call on steroids.

Why VoLTE?

Huawei P10 Offers Malaysians VoLTE technology 3

High Definition Voice Call

VoLTE uses higher bandwidth and newer compression method for the transmission of the voice data, resulting in a clearer call quality. Just imagine FM radio versus Spotify music streaming.

Check out the view below on the voice quality comparison:

Faster call setup time

Did you ever notice that whenever you placed a call, it takes a few seconds until you actually heard the dialling tone? That’s because the older circuit-switched technology needs some time to establish the connection. Meanwhile, set up calls using VoLTE can be up to 2 times faster. did a comparison how fast VoLTE can connect.

Voice and Data over LTE at the same time

With VoLTE, your phone will always be connected to the fastest available connection without having to switch to the 3G network to make calls. Background data transmissions will be done through high-speed LTE even when you’re having a long chat with your loved ones.

How to enjoy VoLTE on my Huawei P10?

Step 1: Insert your SIM card into the phone.

Step 2: Update your phone’s firmware to the latest version.

Step 3: Make calls

Yes, it’s that simple. The call charges remained the same as per your subscription plan.

Check out DiGi’s VoLTE page for more information.

VoLTE-ready Huawei P10 and P10 Lite is now available at your nearest DiGi outlets.

Huawei P10 (4 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage)
Prestige Gold
Graphite Black
RM 2,499

Huawei P10 Lite (4 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage)
Prestige Gold
Graphite Black
Sapphire Blue (Limited Edition)
RM 1,299


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