The newest generation of Microsoft and Sony’s latest games consoles are approaching their first year on the market. Whilst there is a debate to be had about which console will sell the most units, it’s worth exploring whether the way people play has changed. For example, has the number of gaming on smartphones now overtaken those who get their gaming thrill on one of the more traditional consoles?

More Platform Choice for Everyone

Technological advances have meant that games played on web browsers and smartphones are now more advanced. Due to the increased competition, gamers are constantly searching for the best and cheapest way to play games based on more traditional options such as roulette and slots. There are thousands of these titles online, with new players being able to take advantage of a casino bonus at the top online sites. The technological advancement in this industry has allowed for more accessibility and has led to a broader demographic of players.

Console gamers now clearly have a lot of options when it comes to the main platforms. Most will buy a console from either Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. Each of these consoles has more than one version to cater for different needs. Many also enjoy gaming on their smartphones or tablet devices. Developers have even tried to bring some of the best games from the Nintendo 3DS to mobile devices.

The Games That People Play

Research indicates that the best-selling game of 2020 was Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War. Many games within the series have also been amongst the best-selling games of previous years. Further down the list is the most recent entry of the Assassin’s Creed series.

Nintendo has consistently tried to offer a wide range of games to suit a more varied audience. The Wii, launched in 2006, was praised for its inclusivity and enticing new audiences to play their games.

Are We Starting to See the End of Disc-based Gaming?

An increasing number of people are now downloading their games on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Microsoft’s Game Pass service could be seen as equivalent to Netflix. The streaming platform is now seen as the main place to watch many of the latest film releases and TV series.

Looking at other industries in the entertainment sector, a report in 2008 said that music downloads had overtaken CD sales. For many years since then, people have anticipated that a similar trend would follow in gaming.

What Does the Future Look Like?

This is a complicated question that requires a complicated answer. The success or failure of the current home consoles could ultimately have a huge say on the gaming industry and whether we see a further generation of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony consoles. There tends to be a new PlayStation console every six or seven years but it would take a brave person to predict that the next offering would launch in 2026 or 2027.

Some believe that smartphones and high-end tablets have ultimately replaced traditional handheld consoles. Even though the Nintendo Switch does allow for handheld play, it’s a very different gaming experience from something like the Game Boy. Sony bowed out of the handheld market following their PlayStation Vita. Perhaps this was a sign of things to come.

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