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Gigabyte unveiled the world’s fastest and largest PCIe 4.0 SSD today during its AORUS Xtreme Power event, the AORUS Gen 4 NVMe AIC 8TB. With the release of AMD 3rd generation Ryzen processors and X570 chipset motherboards, board partners can now take advantage of the new PCIe 4.0 which according to AMD, offers up to 68% more performance over the PCIe 3.0.

AORUS Gen 4 SSD (1) The AORUS Gen 4 NVMe AIC 8TB is basically an SSD adapter that is equipped with a total of four AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD 2TB equipped with the new PS5016-E16 SSD controller from Phison and is capable of 5GB/s each. While most of the recently announced PCIe 4.0 SSDs are capable of 5GB/s transfer speed, but the AORUS Gen 4 NVMe AIC 8TB can easily put any PCIe 4.0 SSD to shame with its 15GB/s transfer speed.

By using the built-in hardware RAID on the X570 chipset motherboards, the AORUS Gen 4 NVMe AIC 8TB is capable of reaching a whopping 15GB/s sequential read and write when it’s installed in an x16 slot on the motherboard. In order to maintain such high transfer speed, a decent performing cooling solution is required to prevent any potential thermal throttle that will lead to performance drop during operation.

AORUS Gen 4 SSD (3)

The add-in card comes with a heatsink attached to the SSDs, along with a blower style fan to move the heat away from the heatsink and keep these attached SSDs running cool. Other than that, the add-in card doesn’t seem to require any additional power, as it’s fully powered by the PCIe 4.0 slot.

Gigabyte never mentioned the release date nor pricing of the AORUS Gen 4 NVMe AIC 8TB during the event, but looking at how SSD is progressing with PCIe 4.0, we can expect to see some good competition going on between the SSD manufacturers by the time the AMD 3rd generation Ryzen processors and X570 become widely available.


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