As more brands have shown off their next-generation DDR5 memory modules for Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs, GALAX is stealing the spotlight out of all the brands but not because of the performance or spec numbers, but rather its take on the RGB game.

GALAX GAMER RGB Series DDR5 Memory Modules 4

Running a Tetris-inspired shroud design for the module, the top part of the light diffuser is presumably using just standard white LEDs for power while the actual RGB is dictated by the 6 pieces of LEGO that can be fixated on top of the light diffuser so that users can really “customize” their own style of RGB by literally swapping these colored LEGOs around. As so, GALAX will be packing 6 pieces of these said LEGOs together with each GAMER RGB DDR5 series product, in case you’re wondering if those little pieces of foot stabbing demon needs to be purchased separately.

As for the hardware itself, GALAX will be sticking to the baseline of DDR5-4800 speeds while following the majority standard of 2x16GB capacities in terms of the initial launch. Meanwhile, the HOF series will take over with even higher quality IC chips that can be overclocked for even more performance.


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