Malaysia is finally seeing something special in the NFT scene because two locals decided to launch Project CShox.

Project CShox

Co-created by Khor Ren Jin and Dindran Kumar, the CShox project hopes to give the NFT scene a lift by applying a different strategy in terms of offerings. Completely different than those of the Bored Ape Yacht Clubs, CryptoPunks, and whatnot, these limited units of 3,690 Genesis NFTs are inspired by the watch designs introduced during the 80s like Swatch, GShock, London Boy, and many more.

And most importantly, they are NFTs with actual functions. Aside from the usual real-world time and date display, they all come with an owner-wallet ticker that shows the legitimacy of the people who owned them, and owners can even design their own CShox collection using Echelon Cipher’s own tools which can be uploaded and stored on the secure server overlapping the Genesis skin. When it is time to showcase or trade, the DApp, available for iOS and Android, can preview all the currently owned CShox collections. On top of that, by establishing a completed connection with MetaMask and calling the CShox token, all the watch NFTs can be associated with the related platforms like OpenSea, LooksRare, and Rarible.

Not only do buyers get to jumpstart their NFT journey, but they can also gain access to the exclusive Cipher Market and Discord server in addition to real-life promos involving brands of Bean Jr., Australian Cake House, Opus Residence, Mitra Homestay Retreat, Doublewoot, Christy Ng, Beaubelle, and many more.

Availability and Minting Value

Project CShox will be launched at the end of May which is in the next few days and each NFT is getting an ETH price tag of 0.08 which is RM700 approximately. On the other hand, public sales will be announced at a later date.

More info about the homegrown project can be found here.


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