The first ever e-Sport Arena for the gamers in Myanmar officially announces its presence today, courtesy of E-Blue and its partners. The iCafe that offers premium gaming experience with all PCs equipped, bringing a whole new level of gaming experience to the local gamers in Myanmar.

This is the first e-Sports concept iCafe in Myanmar and it’s located at No.211, Anawrahta Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

The new iCafe is part of the new trend in the iCafe market, where the iCafe owners can better balance the cost, performance and functionality while still able to delivering the optimal gaming experience that is aligned with their customer’s demand. It is highly recommended for gamers in Myanmar who is eager to enjoy a better gaming environment and atmosphere that mimics the real e-Sports competition.  

E-blue e-Sport Arena is a forward thinking chain that has shown great leadership in the current iCafe market in Myanmar. Its management has great foresight in riding on this new trend. coupled with its continuous upgrading support to meet the growing needs of its customers.