Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a fun game. Especially when you just had some insane moments not by outplaying but rather just out of the usual strategies.

CSGO AWP Dragon Lore

Bombarded with a wide variety of skins where certain collections that can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the aftermarket, the AWP has been one of the longest-defining weapons of the FPS genre with its iconic “1 Shot 1 Kill” firepower and the fact that it has high penetration stats which is fitting for a sniper rifle, means that one can even shoot another guy, friend, or foe, on the other side of the wall or obstacle through wall-banging or if you’re lucky like fellow sp1cay, that’s 5 guys downed like a pile of dominos.

Watch him take a quick stroll over to Inferno’s banana, chugging an HE before taking up the usual angle and clicking the Left Mouse Button. CT WIN.


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