At Computex 2023, Gigabyte is displaying its Red Dot Design Award-winning products in its VIP suite. The products range from PC components to laptops and peripherals. It is an eye-opening showcase that further cements the importance of good design on a product.

Z790 AORUS Extreme

Gigabyte Computex 2023 03

Top-of-the-line Z790 motherboard for the 13th gen Intel Core processors with an expressive design to the cooling solution, especially the tall M.2 heatsink. Featuring the EZ-Latch Plus which helps with the removal of graphics cards by a single button press.

X670E AORUS Master

Gigabyte Computex 2023 01

Supporting AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPUs as well as the EZ-Latch Plus GPU detaching system, this is a powerful motherboard option that packs a tonne of features.

AORUS GeForce RTX 4080 16GB Master

Gigabyte Computex 2023 05

Over-the-top cooling capabilities and design also feature the brand-new AORUS Bionic Shark fans.

Gigabyte Computex 2023 25

Taking a closer look at the fan blade reveals an intrinsic pattern design that aims to improve the cooling performance.

AORUS M6 Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte Computex 2023 07

An ambidextrous gaming mouse that is suitable for both left or right-handers with two sets of thumb buttons. This is also a wireless mouse that weighs just 74 grams.

AORUS 15 & 17

Gigabyte Computex 2023 09

The AORUS 15 and 17 sports a low-profile and minimalist design that delivers high-performance gaming without standing out from the rest.

AORUS 15X & 17X

Gigabyte Computex 2023 10

The AORUS 15X and 17X feature top-of-the-line components such as Intel Core i9 and RTX 40 series graphics to fulfil enthusiasts’ desire for triple-A gaming on the go.

AORUS Stealth 500

Gigabyte Computex 2023 13

The Stealth 500 is one of the best-looking and most promising gaming PC cases from Gigabyte. The airflow-focused design marks an important design philosophy that I hope they continue to cherish for the rest of the future PC cases.

AORUS Arm Edition Gaming Monitor

Gigabyte Computex 2023 15

This unique monitor arm comes together with M32U and M28U-AE gaming monitors as the “Arm Edition”. This monitor arm has all the articulation that includes pivot, tilt and swivel. It is an impressive design that not only saves your desk space but also improves your PC usage ergonomics.

Gigabyte AERO series

Gigabyte Computex 2023 16

The AERO series creator laptops come equipped with OLED display panels and high-performance components for productivity and content creation apps.

Z790 AERO G & B650 AERO G

Gigabyte Computex 2023 28

The AERO series motherboards are preferred by system builders who are looking for a full white build.

Gigabyte Computex 2023 30

The clean and minimalist design has earned this series of motherboards a Red Dot Design Award. Of course, part of the reason is being a reliable component for content creators.

GeForce RTX 4070 Ti AERO OC V2 12G

Gigabyte Computex 2023 17

The same applies to the Gigabyte AERO series graphics cards – white, clean and minimalist design. There is a reason why most of the white or silver builds you’ve seen are featuring the AERO series components. The new RTX 40 series AERO graphics cards have a refined shroud design that makes it stand out from the rest of the competition.


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