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BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710U – Best PC & Console 4K 144Hz IPS in 2022

When it comes to high-end gaming monitors, it’s always the same type of things shown in reviews – running benchmarks, colorful games, testing out HDR with some games like Cyberpunk 2077 and perhaps running some benchmarks like the UFO Test to show the latency and whatnot. Those methodologies work – but they’re just too generic at this point.

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Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo SimMatch GT1 racing sim rig

Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo + SimMatch GT1 = fantastic sim racing rig!

These are all the experiences shared by our very own racing simulator enthusiast – Mr John. He is someone who actually bought those steering wheels, foot pedals, and gearbox controllers and hooked all of them to his own work desk. He liked it so much to the point that he even bought triple monitors to create the “sitting inside a car” feel – but ran into a lot of issues with that setup.

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BenQ GW2785TC

Review – BenQ GW2785TC Eye-Care monitor

It’s no surprise that we all stare at our screens for most of our waking hours – be it for work, recreation, or just to chat with friends. Honestly, that means our eyes get used the most out of our daily lives, so we should definitely take care of it.

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Acer Predator X28

Review – Acer Predator X28 monitor 4K 120Hz (152Hz OC) with NVIDIA Reflex: Something for everyone

This is the Predator X28 monitor. It’s Acer’s highest-end monitor and this review took us a long time because of all the cutting-edge technologies that are built-in. I presume that this is Acer’s new flagship gaming monitor that is also made for high octane esport players as well, since it has Nvidia G-Sync and Nvidia Reflex technologies, alongside high resolution and high refresh rate too.

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