Unboxing & Quick Look Gaming Freak X14, X15, X16 header

Unboxing & Quick Look: Gaming Freak X14, X15, X16 Gaming Mice

We once again take a look at a few gaming mice that Gaming Freak has in stores for us. This time, it's the Gaming Freak X14, X15, and X16. It's within Gaming Freak's family of X-numbered series of mice. These 3 mice have their own unique shape, so it caters towards your personal preference.
Cooler Master MM520; MM530; Hard Mat Gaming Mousepad with RGB header

Unboxing & Quick Look: Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520, MM530 & RGB Hard Mat Mousepad

Cooler Master just announced two new gaming mice in MasterMouse series not too long ago. They're the MM520 and MM530 - each with its own unique design. We also got to experience the Cooler Master MasterAccessory RGB Hard Mat Mousepad!
Unboxing & Quick Look Gaming Freak SHK87, 1ON1, & MX RGB 9 Keyboards

Unboxing & Quick Look: Gaming Freak SHK87, 1ON1, & MX RGB 9 Keyboards

As there are more brands coming into the market, new market segments tend to grow towards saturation point quite quickly. Gaming Freak is one of those brands that entered quite recently and started offering some interesting peripherals to the market. Few of them are the Gaming Freak SHK87, the 1ON1, and also the MX RGB 9 keyboard.

AVF Gaming Freak MXR9 Mechanical Keyboard Review

With the introduction of Cherry MX clone switches i.e Kailh, Gateron, KBT, Outemu, Zealio, etc, mechanical keyboards are no longer a luxury that only the rich can afford. Budget friendly mechanical keyboards can sometimes...

Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Gamdias is known for its ancient Greek mythology themed gaming peripherals that is named after the Gods and Goddess. We've gotten our hands on quite a number of its gaming peripherals, and Hermes mechanical gaming...

1STPLAYER FIREROSE MK3 V2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

As most of you are aware, mechanical keyboard are more affordable nowadays with the introduction of Cherry MX clone switches i.e Kailh, Gateron, KBT, Outemu, Zealio, etc. Mechanical keyboards with these switches can sometimes be sold under RM100 but of course, you can never expect too much from these low cost alternatives when it comes to build quality.

Mistel Barocco MD600 Mechanical Keyboard Review

60% layout mechanical keyboard might not be as popular as a full-sized mechanical keyboard that comes with fancy RGB lighting and dedicated macro keys, but there are mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who prefer a smaller,...

iKBC C104 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mechanical keyboard used to be a rich man's toy, a luxury only to those who can afford it. Things changed dramatically with Cherry MX clones flooding the mechanical keyboard market since Cherry's patent expiration in 2014, with Kailh as the most notable Cherry MX clone that has been widely used by renown gaming peripherals manufacturers i.e Tesoro, SteelSeries, Tt eSPORTS.While it's a good news for those who has been craving for a mechanical keyboard, there are still users who prefers Cherry made switches and they are willing to pay that extra buck for a Cherry MX switch board like Filco, Leopold, Ducky, DAS keyboard, WASD keyboard, etc.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Over the years of transition, mechanical keyboards have gone from the status of something only a hipster will get, to the now mainstream status that enthusiasts and gamers would be willing to burn a hole in their pocket just to get one. Still, there are users who still prefer the tactility of the good old membrane/rubber dome switch keyboard, but eager to have those fancy RGB lighting modes.

OBINS Anne PRO RGB Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Review

If you're a big fan of minimalist keyboards, this is definitely something you don't want to miss out. We've managed to get our hands on the OBINS Anne PRO RGB Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, a rather new 60% keyboard that has recently made its appearance in the Malaysian local mechanical keyboard community.