NordVPN: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

NordVPN claims to be the world’s most advanced VPN service provider. It is known to be super-fast in action and extremely secure with their operations. But are these claims really true?
Palit Microsystems Ltd 30th Anniversary Factory Tour Computex 2018 Featured

Palit Factory Tour – A Peek Into The GPU Manufacturing Industry

Palit Microsystems Ltd (aka 同德股份有限公司) is known to be one of the oldest standing GPU-manufacturing giant in the industry that is responsible for some of the commonly seen graphics card brands you've seen in the market i.e Palit, Gainward and Galaxy. And just so you know, Palit Microsystems Ltd are also the OEM for brands such as Colorful, Onda, Unika, Maxsun and Yeston.

ASUS ZenFone Max Pro (M1) Hands-On First Impression

The ASUS ZenFone Max Pro (M1) is coming and teasers on upcoming addition to the ZenFone Max Series can be seen posted across social medias by fans, tech medias and the brand's own page....
How to RGB

How to RGB-fy Non-RGB Systems

Since the dawn of last year, everyone has been crazy about RGB. It's no surprise that we all want our rigs to shine brightly. We're not judging on your lighting taste - everyone has their own preference. Instead, in this RGB guide, we're here today to show you how to RGB your rig regardless of motherboard you have, so let's take a look at how the lights function.
Counterfeit Intel Processors

New Counterfeit Intel Processors Scheme Uncovered; Uses Stickers To Deceive

Intel processors - I'm sure we're all well-versed with their processor naming scheme and what type of performance they pack. However, just like any other products that got famous, they're bound to have counterfeits. Counterfeits of a famous product like iPhones, MacBooks, and even Intel processors are the easiest to earn some dirty money. Though, the process to counterfeit Intel processor is a little weird.
Battle Arena header

Battle Arena Chooses Cooler Master For Its Gaming Setups

We've actually visited Battle Arena once during their grand launching earlier this year. We've seen how many people it can fit, and how many PCs they have available. However, since there were way too many people, we didn't have the chance to look and experience these gaming PCs ourselves. We visited Battle Arena once again, and this time we have an all-access pass to test out everything that is available in Battle Arena.
E-Blue eSports Stadium (22)

E-BLUE Unveils The Second Generation E-BLUE Esports Stadium

Since the official launch event back in May 2017, E-BLUE is showing no signs of slowing down in setting up its Esports Arena. During our recent visit to E-Blue Malaysia, we were informed that...
Cooler Master MasterWatt 750

Why Semi-Modular PSUs Are The Future

We're sure that those who have built their own PCs have experienced one predicament - cable management. Fret not, we here from Tech Critter have built quite a few systems and have gone through many power supplies and cases that just don't match up with each other. However, with the uprising of hardware trends in the PC market, semi-modular PSUs might be a standard requirement in everyone's next build.

Expanding Your Console’s Storage Feat. XBOX One With Transcend StoreJet 25CK3 & Transcend SSD230S...

We've seen the dilemma of console gamers over the years since the days of Sony PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. Let's be honest here - there are games these days that easily take up ~50GB, and some are about 100GB of storage on your console today. These things aren't really avoidable as there are always new games coming out that takes up a larger-than-expected amount of storage space. Enter the world of external storage - this is where we're trying to expand an XBOX One's storage with a Transcend StoreJet 25CK3 2.5-inch external storage enclosure, together with the Transcend SSD230S 256GB SSD.

Streaming Games On Facebook Live – NVIDIA ShadowPlay Or OBS Studio?

The steady pace of growth of the eSports scene in Malaysia has inspired gamers to introduce themselves to the community by posting videos and live broadcasting their gameplay on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live, etc.