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i-Rocks K76M

Optical Keyboard Switches – What You Need To Know

During Computex 2018, we’re seeing one trend in the mechanical keyboard market – and that’s the surge of optical keyboard switches. These switches aren’t particularly new to the market. However, only now where the mass market is adopting these switches in their keyboards.

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Palit Microsystems Ltd 30th Anniversary Factory Tour Computex 2018 Featured

Palit Factory Tour – A Peek Into The GPU Manufacturing Industry

Palit Microsystems Ltd (aka 同德股份有限公司) is known to be one of the oldest standing GPU-manufacturing giant in the industry that is responsible for some of the commonly seen graphics card brands you’ve seen in the market i.e Palit, Gainward and Galaxy. And just so you know, Palit Microsystems Ltd are also the OEM for brands such as Colorful, Onda, Unika, Maxsun and Yeston.

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Counterfeit Intel Processors

New Counterfeit Intel Processors Scheme Uncovered; Uses Stickers To Deceive

Intel processors – I’m sure we’re all well-versed with their processor naming scheme and what type of performance they pack. However, just like any other products that got famous, they’re bound to have counterfeits. Counterfeits of a famous product like iPhones, MacBooks, and even Intel processors are the easiest to earn some dirty money. Though, the process to counterfeit Intel processor is a little weird.

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Cooler Master MasterWatt 750

Why Semi-Modular PSUs Are The Future

We’re sure that those who have built their own PCs have experienced one predicament – cable management. Fret not, we here from Tech Critter have built quite a few systems and have gone through many power supplies and cases that just don’t match up with each other. However, with the uprising of hardware trends in the PC market, semi-modular PSUs might be a standard requirement in everyone’s next build.

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Auto mode Photography with Huawei P10 Plus

Do you still remember the days when everyone is rocking a VGA resolution camera on their feature phones? Well, that didn’t stop us from taking photos or videos of something that we can barely recognise even on a computer, let alone through the low-resolution display on a feature phone. That shows how the people love taking photos because a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Is the WD Black Hard Drive Really Worth the Money?

Video games graphics gets better and better every year and you don’t really have to be a hardcore gamer to actually notice that improvement. Components like graphics card, processor, memory is no doubt the parts that majority users will focus more on to improve their gaming experience, but what about the storage?

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