ROG Phone: What Malaysians need to know

4 months after the announcement back in Computex 2018, the ASUS Republic of Gamers has finally confirmed the official launch date for the long-awaited ROG Phone. ASUS Malaysia organised a briefing session for the local media...
Fish Brain 32GB USB (4)

Japanese Made Fish Brain USB Flash Drive Explained

Ever heard of USB drive that uses a fish's brain to store data? Well, we bumped into this article on Amazing Nara just a while ago, which sparked our interest to look further into...
Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions Qualifiers

Cooler Master To Bring Gamers Together With Regional Circle of Champions

Today is the day where Cooler Master Malaysia's qualifier round for the Regional Circle of Champions is happening. But what is it really about? We got a chance to interview with the Juan "Sanko" Chong, the guy who handles marketing for Cooler Master.
IOTransfer - 8 Fun Facts of iPhone Header

[Infographic] 8 Fun Facts of iPhone brought to you by IOTransfer

Infographic created by IOTransfer - easily transfer iPhone data to PC/Mac/iPad/iPod
How to RGB

How to RGB-fy Non-RGB Systems

Since the dawn of last year, everyone has been crazy about RGB. It's no surprise that we all want our rigs to shine brightly. We're not judging on your lighting taste - everyone has their own preference. Instead, in this RGB guide, we're here today to show you how to RGB your rig regardless of motherboard you have, so let's take a look at how the lights function.

How I Recovered My Files from a Faulty MicroSD Card

We often heard about the stories about how some business is losing money because of a failed hard drive or how a relationship has gone sour because of accidental deletion of some files. The...

Expanding Your Console’s Storage Feat. XBOX One With Transcend StoreJet 25CK3 & Transcend SSD230S...

We've seen the dilemma of console gamers over the years since the days of Sony PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360. Let's be honest here - there are games these days that easily take up ~50GB, and some are about 100GB of storage on your console today. These things aren't really avoidable as there are always new games coming out that takes up a larger-than-expected amount of storage space. Enter the world of external storage - this is where we're trying to expand an XBOX One's storage with a Transcend StoreJet 25CK3 2.5-inch external storage enclosure, together with the Transcend SSD230S 256GB SSD.

Make Impressive Christmas Social Media Graphics with Fotor

Christmas is just around the corner and themed decoration is now everywhere be it at physical stores or websites. In order to make sure our audience and Facebook fans would feel the...
E-Blue eSports Stadium (22)

E-BLUE Unveils The Second Generation E-BLUE Esports Stadium

Since the official launch event back in May 2017, E-BLUE is showing no signs of slowing down in setting up its Esports Arena. During our recent visit to E-Blue Malaysia, we were informed that...
ranscend DrivePro 550 Dashcam Dual Lense

Transcend Announces Its Latest DrivePro 550 Dashcam With Dual Lenses

Transcend recently announced the release of the DrivePro 550 Dashcam, featuring a dual lens camera and a large viewing angle which allows you to captures what is happening on the road and inside the...