Metro Exodus Featured

Performance and Graphical Impact Analysis On Metro Exodus With DLSS

After making its initial debut on Battlefield V, NVIDIA's DLSS was heavily criticized by the PC gaming community for not delivering what as promised. Instead of getting both great performance and image quality in...

Which Virtual Reality Exercise Apps Can Keep You Fit and Fine?

Virtual reality is not just for transforming you into another dimension. It can do much more than that actually. In fact, there are certain virtual reality apps out there which can motivate and inspire...
Transcend JetRamDDR4-2666_16

Transcend JetRam DDR4-2666 Game Performance Test

Memory module with black colored PCB are often marketed as 'gaming' memory even though you'll still be able to find those generic memory with non-black colored PCB that shares the same or similar specifications....
God of War game tester

Basic Games Worth Trying for a New Game Tester

The first thing before starting thinking of being a video game tester is knowing that employers will always have a lot of expectations from you. There are a lot of skills and education you...

How Virtual Reality Devices Enhance The Educational Experience

Implementing virtual reality devices in educational facilities is not something new these days. According to the recent research of Marianne Stenger, a journalist with extensive experience in utilizing blending and tech-savvy teaching practices in...

Guide to MapleStory 2 Assassin Raid Solo (Fire Dragon)

It’s difficult to go solo on dungeons in MapleStory 2, but it’s definitely doable regardless of your job. That, by all means, includes the Assassin. And we’re not just talking about Normal Mode dungeons...
Fish Brain 32GB USB (4)

Japanese Made Fish Brain USB Flash Drive Explained

Ever heard of USB drive that uses a fish's brain to store data? Well, we bumped into this article on Amazing Nara just a while ago, which sparked our interest to look further into...
NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error (1)

How To Fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience After Update Error

For those who are just getting started with video game live streaming, NVIDIA GeForce Experience is one of the simplest tool you can use with your NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards - DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA video card with 1GB of RAM (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or higher.

What Kind of Laptop You Need?

Laptop manufacturers are building their products to fit in a very specific category to ease their customer from choosing the right one, and the diversity of it can be confusing at some point. We...

The Best Mobile Security Practices You Should Apply Daily

Our cell phones have become our most valuable tools for communication, storing contacts, photos, email addresses, passwords, bank account apps, social media apps, and other sensitive content. However, many people take online security lightly,...