be quiet! has introduced the latest member of its Light Wings fan series: the Light Wings White, giving PC builders and white color enthusiasts a new color option for creating their ultimate PC build.

If you’ve been wanting to build an all-white PC setup including white fans, now is the perfect time for you as the latest Light Wings White comes in all-white and is fitted with up to 20 individually addressable LEDs with a diffuser on its light rings for stunning lighting effects.

On top of that, it contains a white ARGB hub that allows for up to six ARGB component synchronization. When connected to motherboards with 5V ARGB headers, the fans can also be controlled by motherboard software.


be quiet Light Wings White ARGB fans 1

Available in only triple-pack options, the PWM models are equipped with seven fan blades with a rotating speed of up to 1,700 rpm or 1,500 rpm for 120mm and 140mm respectively. Thanks to their low operating noise, both of them are perfect for use as case fans.

On the other hand, the PWM high-speed ones include nine fan blades with speeds of up to 2,500 rpm or 2,200 rpm for 120mm and 140mm. Both of them are optimized for use on radiators or heat sinks.

Pricing and Availability

The new be quiet! Light Wings White triple packs will be available on 11th April 2023 at the following prices:

  • Light Wings White 120mm PWM Triple-Pack — USD$79.90
  • Light Wings White 120mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack — USD$79.90
  • Light Wings White 140mm PWM Triple-Pack — USD$84.90
  • Light Wings White 140mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack —USD$84.90

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