be quiet!, market leader for PC power supplies in Germany for eight successive years, introduces 2 new members in their lineup of low profile CPU coolers in this year’s CES 2015, say hello to the Shadow Rock LP and Dark Rock TF. Both Shadow Rock LP and Dark Rock TF is expected to be available somewhere in between Q1 to Q2, so stay with us for more incoming updates from be quiet!
Dark Rock TF
The Dark Rock TF, made of 2 stacks of bottom-top aluminum fins, 6 nickel plated 6mm thick copper heat pipes, copper heat pipes, and a pair of 135mm Silent Wings PWM fans. be quiet! reveals that the Dark Rock TF is capable of handling thermal loads of up to 220W, which makes it not only a good looking but also a very capable cooler as well. 
The pair of 135mm Silent Wings PWM fans in push-pull fashion.
The total height inclusive of the fans included is approximately 130mm, which is a pretty ideal height that will fit in most ATX chassis without any clearance issue.

With the fans removed, the total height is reduced to 110mm.

be quiet! with their usual cap for the end of each heat pipes, thumbs up for that!
Both fan clips is attached to the top aluminum fins stack.
As the largest part of the cooler, the top aluminum fins stack consists of 6 nickel plated copper heat pipes for the best thermal dissipation as possible for its design.
The smaller chunk of aluminum fins stack at the bottom might be small, but 4 nickel plated copper heat pipes is still very capable in thermal dissipation.

Shadow Rock LP
The 2nd CPU cooler from be quiet! is the Shadow Rock LP which is specially designed for low-profile builds (HTPC especially) as what its name suggests. Consists of 4 6mm copper heat pipes, a slim aluminium fin stacks and a Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan, the Shadow Rock LP is capable of handling thermal load up to 130W – which will do pretty much enough for low-profile builds that doesn’t generate much heat during operation. 
The Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan is installed in a top flow fashion. 
It seems that there’s no extra space to allow any additional 120mm fan in between the gap of the aluminum fin stack and the base of the cooler. Though it should do well for low-profile builds as the Pure Wings 2 as what we’ve previously reviewed, has a very good noise-performance ratio.
The 4 6mm thick copper heat pipes that transfers heat from the base of the cooler to the aluminum fins to be dissipated.
A good mounting design where you can feed the screw driver through the top of the cooler instead of the other way round method by most traditional low profile CPU coolers in similar design.
The same as usual cap that covers the end of the heat pipes elegantly and a shiny be quiet! logo on it.
The Shadow Rock LP has a height of 76mm, making it an ideal choice for low profile build that uses slimline PC chassis. There’s a maximum 32mm clearance for memory modules – tough luck for performance memory with fancy heat spreader.

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