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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Gen8 Featured

New Lenovo ThinkPad X1 refreshed; pre-order starts at RM7,299

Lenovo has revealed that they have refreshed the ThinkPad X1 Carbon lineup with some of the latest hardware of the market where currently, the latest model sits at the 8th generation. The 8th generation of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop continues its tradition of providing smarter workforce experiences with best-in-class IT solutions alongside great durability and being ultraportable.

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Super Mario 64 PC port has been released

DX12-powered Super Mario 64 PC port has been released; comes with RTX

If you want to play retro games, emulation is the way to go. It’s convenient since there’s no need to get a bundle of dongles just for the retro console to work with a new TV. Nintendo, being one of the famous brand for beloved retro games, is always subjected to emulation. The company was the first one to redefine 3D platformer games with the release of Super Mario 64, and it is still one of the most popular games in the speedrunning community. One can dream about Super Mario 64 natively on PC, except you don’t need to now, thanks to some passionate fans.

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A few weeks ago we saw TEAMGROUP’s announcement on their latest M.2 SSD with graphene copper foil that cools off the device with better efficiency. The patented design not only shows that R&D skills are necessary but sometimes innovative ideas need to combine with the untouched market to gather the public’s interest and attention towards the product. With this time, they revealed what could be the world’s 1st USB flash drive with RGB lighting, the T-FORCE SPARK alongside the ELITE SDXC SD card.

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Razer in house face mask is now running

Razer now has their own face mask production line up and running

Today, they have announced that the fully automated face mask manufacturing line is up and running now where 5 million face masks per month production speed are achievable and possible to scale up even more when necessary. Not to mention it is the 1st full automatic face mask manufacturing line in Singapore too.

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Razer Synapse 3 now has Amazon Alexa Integration

To everyone’s surprised, Razer has announced that their in-house cloud-based configuration tools Razer Synapse 3 that mainly support its own products, is now compatible with Amazon Alexa through a dedicated module without any additional hardware. That means by simply hooking up a compatible microphone, you can control your PC even remotely.

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ASUS extends all warranty by 30 days

ASUS Extends Warranty Duration for 30 days after MCO ends

No one expects the year 2020 starts off with a global pandemic ravaging the entire world, at least not the group of people who bought ASUS products that have their warranty ended during the Movement Control Order period. Scared of the products gave out during this period? Well, fear not as ASUS has extended warranties across all products for 30 days.

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DualSense for PS5

DualSense is PS5’s new controller and it sure looks amazing

Even though netizens around the world joked around the press release being an “SSD Product Teaser” due to not even a single photo of retail PS5 was revealed and a heavy emphasize on SSD performance, Sony plays around the hotness and hype of topic relatively well, as they have revealed the controller for PS5 named the “DualSense”.

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