Author: Kok Kee

ROG XG Mobile

Review – ROG XG Mobile + ROG Flow X 13: Good performance, annoying user experience

When ROG announced the Flow X 13 ultrabook laptop early this year, we were surprised by its thinness and the performance it packs. It was literally the most powerful convertible laptop on the market. ROG upped the ante by introducing the XG Mobile – a proprietary external GPU that only works with the Flow X 13 laptop. It’s proprietary because of that connector cable.

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1stplayer UNI-Q

Review – 1stplayer UNI-Q + Gateron Yellow + Doubleshot PBT keycap kit

Since keyboards are such personal devices, it is best to get a keyboard that suits you the most. That is why custom mechanical keyboards are a thing and it’s gaining in popularity too – but the price for a custom mechanical keyboard tends to be very high. Then, 1stplayer up with the UNI-Q. It’s a keyboard case with pre-soldered SMD RGB LEDs and it is hot-swappable with multiple different switches too.

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Steam Deck

I have a few concerns about the Steam Deck

Yeah I know, there’s a new piece of tech and techies are skeptical about the new piece of tech – what’s new, right? But I can’t help but compare the Steam Deck with the Nintendo Switch. They both share a lot of similarities.

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