Apacer launches DDR4 2133 U-DIMM, setting off another memory revolution 1
A standard accessory for computer equipment for 8 years
since 2007, DDR3 memory is gradually lagging behind the needs for higher
performance in industrial and business application. As a result, the Joint
Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) developed the
memory specifications for new-generation DDR4, while Intel launched the
DDR4-compatible Haswell-E processor platform in 2014. It is a trend that DDR4 memory will be
applied to the new motherboard of commercial products such as personal
computers and servers, and further built into smartphones, tablet PCs and other
consumer mobile devices.
To adapt to the changing market trend, Apacer newly
launches the DDR4 2133 4GB/8GB Unbuffered DIMM, which combines the advantages
of both high speed and low power consumption. Compared to its predecessor, its
work clock rate is 2,133 Mbps with the transmission bandwidth boosted up to
17GB/s, delivering a 14% improvement in performance. In terms of power
consumption, an extra-low voltage of 1.2V delivers a 25% reduction in voltage,
concurrently reducing the stand-by power consumption by 50%. “The advantages of
this DDR4 help reduce power consumption effectively, maintain a low-temperature
system and enhance integral stability while enabling performance improvement,”
stressed Anderson Chang, PC Application Product Division Product Manager
of Apacer indicated.
Apacer’s newly launched DDR4 2133 U-DIMM can be 100%
compatible with the x99 chipset platform adopted by Intel Haswell-E, creating a
reliable and stable operation environment. Anderson Chang said, “With the
strong promotion of new DDR4 specifications by JEDEC and Intel, an
industry-wide transition of the system memory is inevitable. And that’s why
Apacer gets well prepared for the market changes and launches the DDR4 2133
4GB/8GB Unbuffered DIMM at such a critical moment.”
Apacer DDR4 2133 Unbuffered DIMM_Product Specification
Model Name
DDR4 2133 Unbuffered DIMM
288 Pin
Cas Latency
RoHS Compliant

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