Apacer Announces Its Gaming Oriented AS340 PANTHER SSD 1
Apacer today announces its reliable and class-leading gaming-oriented SSD, the AS340 PANTHER SSD that offers blazing-fast performance for your system. The AS340 PANTHER SSD offers a decent performance of read/write speed reaching 505/410 MB/s(240GB) by making use of cost-effective TLC NAND Flash.
Easily upgrade to the decent reading speed of 505MB/s
AS340 PANTHER is Apacer’s latest SSD that fits in the mid-ranged performance in the lineup, offering sequential read/write speed is up to 505/410 MB/s which makes it the perfect choice of SSD for budding gamers who is on a budget.
Multiple advantages – first choice for desktop and laptop speed upgrade
For users who is up for an upgrade, Apacer recommends using the AS340 PANTHER SSD as the main drive for Operating System while the existing hard drive can serve as a storage drive for the best user experience. The AS340 PANTHER comes available in capacities of 60/120/240GB to meet the demand of different users. At the same time, Apacer also released a specially designed SSD Widget software which allows users to examine the SSD status as well as an instant firmware update.
The AS340 PANTHER SSD also features 20G anti-vibration and 1500G anti-shock protections, offering the worry-free experience that no hard drive with moving mechanical parts is able to offer to date.  
The AS340 PANTHER is covered by a 3-year global warranty and it comes with a built-in advanced Wear Leveling and ECC functions and supports Windows 7 TRIM command that not only helps to extend SSD life and improve operation stability but also maintain long-term uncompromised performance. 

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