Australia-based NEOTEZ is joining Malaysia’s monitor market by introducing several new gaming monitors under the AQUILA family. The series is comprised of 3 models of different screen sizes – 24-inch, 27-inch and 34-inch. Other than the 34-inch model being a curved VA panel with a 144Hz refresh rate, the 24 and 27-inch models are using an IPS 165Hz panel.

Video Review


Today, what we have in the studio is the AQUILA 27. For the official price tag of RM1399, let’s find out what can you expect from this monitor.

Out of the box, you will be getting:

  • Monitor stand
  • Power adapter
  • DisplayPort cable
  • HDMI cable
  • additional screws for VESA mount
  • user manual

Build Quality

First of all, I appreciate how NEOTEZ is including a standard base instead of those annoying pointy triangular tripod type of stand.

The standard base is easier to position and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The stand has tilt, height and swivel adjustments. You can even use the monitor in vertical mode.

My only complaint about the stand is the plasticky construction. I am concerned about the durability of the part that connects the neck to the base.

On that side note, if you want a better stand, NEOTEZ also has monitor arms. As of the time of reviewing the monitor, they are offering the monitor arm as a free bundle when you purchase the monitor, just that I’m not too sure if they’re going to sell them separately after the promotion.

If you like RGB, there are two RGB strips at the back and a logo projector underneath the monitor. Pressing the light toggle button will change between 4 colour modes, red, green, blue or colour cycle. If you don’t want any distractions, you can also turn it off in the OSD menu. God knows why it is called “Breath LED”.


The AQUILA 27 has:

  • 2x HDMI 2.0 ports
  • 2x DisplayPort 1.4
  • 1x 3.5mm audio jack for audio passthrough

The inclusion of the audio passthrough port means that you can either use the built-in speaker or an external speaker. The internal speakers are not the best as it sounds like playing music inside a cave, but at least you have something to back up.

Display Quality

Now, let’s talk about the display quality. The AQUILA 27 has an IPS panel at 1440p resolution and it supports up to 165Hz refresh rate. After testing with a colourimeter, we are very happy with the results. at 99% sRGB and 93% DCI-P3 colour coverage, you can rest assured with the colour reproduction. It is great for fancy triple-a game titles, movie watching and even good enough for a regular photo and video editing.


That brings us to the conclusion of this review. 1440p resolution is getting more popular nowadays since graphics cards are getting more powerful. The AQUILA 27 at RM1399 is one of the cheaper options available in the market. It offers a good quality 27-inch IPS panel with a 1440p 165Hz refresh rate. It is excellent for both entertainment and creative works. My only complaint would be the stand but since NEOTEZ right now is offering a bundle with a free monitor arm, I think it is the best choice since the monitor arm will save up a lot of your desk space while giving you more flexibility.

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