Review – Acerpure Cool C2 2-in-1 Air Circulator & Purifier

We have reviewed Acer products for many years, especially their laptops and monitors. How many of you know that Acer also makes other types of products? Today what we have in our studio is an air purifier made by Acer under the Acerpure brand. Yes, you heard that right, an air purifier. Read on to learn more about how I think about the air purifier after having it in our office for a few weeks.

Acerpure Cool C2

The Acerpure Cool C2 is a 2-in-1 air circulator and purifier. In layman’s terms, this is a combination of an air purifier and a mechanical fan.

The C2 stands at 85cm tall which is just slightly above the height of a standard table. That should easily fit into most of the modern house.

Instead of just relying on the fan inside the air purifier, the Acerpure Cool C2 has a dedicated fan at the top to help circulate the clean air in the room. Since the function is a standalone setting, you can also use the fan without having the need to enable the air purifier. However, since you have the air purifier, why don’t just use both of them at the same time, right?

The fan has a wide range of movements that includes 80 degrees of left & right rotation and 90 degrees of up-down swing. You can also adjust the fan speed from 0 to 10. By the way, never underestimate the fan even if it might look small.


There are a few ways to control the air purifier:

  • built-in capacitive buttons
  • remote control
  • Acerpure Life mobile app

Apart from the fan speed, the air purifier fan can also be adjusted in a few speed modes:

  • Smart (automatically adjust according to air quality)
  • Manual speed 1 to 3
  • Turbo (maximum power)

The purifier has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 307 m3/h and is suitable for a 45 m² room size.

The LCD display at the front will show the air quality indicator, Gas (VOCs) as well as PM1.0 & PM2.5 values.

The remote control has similar settings as the onboard capacitive buttons.

It is attached to the back magnetically.

The Acerpure Life mobile app has a simple user interface for easy navigation. Users can adjust the air purifier settings on-the-fly and set their favourite profiles and timers. It is definitely more convenient than the onboard controls if you’re looking for more automation. Personally, I would be looking forward to smart home integration which will bring more value to the platform.


Users can perform basic maintenance such as filter replacement and fan blade cleaning. The filter compartment can be opened easily as the cover is attached magnetically to the chassis.

During the purchase of the Acerpure Cool C2, a filter is included in the package. Customers can purchase additional 4-in-1 HEPA filters at RM249 each.

The fan enclosure can be detached just like any of those desk/stand fans for cleaning purposes.


The Acerpure Cool C2 retails for RM1599 and is currently on sale for RM1399. Considering the price premium, people would be expecting a lot from Acerpure since there are plenty of cheaper options available in the market. Even the smart connected features are not new, since you also can get this function on a Xiaomi air purifier.  What you’re paying for is a 2-in-1 solution that combines both air purifying ability and air circulating functions. You don’t get it from most of the air purifiers on the market. Unless you’re eyeing the Dyson Purifier Cool which costs RM2899, the Acerpure Cool C2 is way more affordable and does the job for less.

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