MSI gangs up with esports brand EVANGELION e:PROJECT to bring mecha-themed PC components

MSI is bringing back the golden age of the mecha genre anime in the form of PC parts by introducing its latest collaboration with EVANGELION e:PROJECT.

As one of the more recent brands to rose up thanks to official licensing, the EVANGELION e:PROJECT itself has offered things like peripherals, casing fans, PC chassis, and more in the past and this is the first time that a major PC component manufacturer has knocked the door and invited the guys (Or the other way around, I’m no industry espionage expert) over to close a deal on getting that sweet design onto MSI products. So, in this very first debut, 4 items are selected as the ones to carry the EVA-01 TEST TYPE glory.

The first member is the mother of all boards, the MAG B660 TOMAHAWK EVA e:PROJECT carrying the classic EVA’s color scheme of purple and green with the extended VRM heatsink featuring a bright EVA-01 TEST TYPE print while the iconic NERV is found on the chipset’s. MSI also prepped dedicated color profiles for the MSI Mystic Light to make sure everything is EVA-ready the moment you boot up your rig. Man, even the PCB board and CPU socket cover are custom-printed.

Moving to the cooling department, the MAG CORELIQUID C240 EVA e:PROJECT AIO Liquid Cooler not only shines your rig with the associated blue-ish and green light combo but also gets your CPU properly chilled, just like an actual EVA. While the water block is not fully light-permeable, at least the NERV logo is still there and I’ll take it any day.

For you edgy hardcore fans, apparently the MAG A650BN EVA e:PROJECT PSU is more than just a “unit” but a “Power Delivery System”. Anyway, the 650W box of electrical wires, magnets, and capacitors are 80+ Bronze rated and also gets the purple+green paint job and I definitely appreciate they painted the fan grill with purple as well, knowing that most people won’t even get to see the PSU exposed outside the rig.

Last but not least, the bombastic MSI GUNGNIR 110R EVA e:PROJECT combines the sleek design of the GUNGNIR 110R and the color scheme of the EVA-01 TEST TYPE with the front side panel running a clean tempered glass printed with the “AD. 2022 General Purpose Box Type Decisive Arms” in Japanese while the backside gets a clean white print of the famous mecha. There’s no better way than actually owning a shell that looks and feels the same as the EVA-01 TEST TYPE, honestly.

On top of launching all these goodies, MSI is also running a couple of campaigns involving member rewards and community posting so head over to the official MSI x EVANGELION e:PROJECT page to learn more about them.