Intel Starts Up 10nm Fabrication, Cannonlake CPU Is On Track For 2H 2017

Intel may have found the way to overcome the challenges of Moore’s Law to further shrink down the size of these transistors that have now been a part of our daily life as the company has started up their 10nm fabrication facility. 
With Intel confidently claimed that the rollout time to 10nm will be %50 faster than 14nm, we can expect prototyping of the 10nm Cannonlake’s chips to begin soon. According to the source of this information, the cost of doing so have been counted in Intel’s financial outlook for Q3 2016. If everything goes by Intel’s historic track record, the company should be entering trial production later this year and work up to mass production by the end of 1H 2017.
Intel Has Already Started Shipping The Kaby Lake Processors
Meanwhile, Intel has also confirmed that Kaby Lake processors have already started shipping out to customers. Kaby Lake is the first Intel CPU to break the ‘tick-tock’ cycle and the “Optimization” part of the Process Architecture Optimization strategy to perfect the 14nm process node to deliver a mature build for this CPU.
The Kaby Lake CPU come in both desktop and mobility and will be featuring several SKUs. SKUs that has been confirmed today includes Kaby Lake-U, Kaby Lake-Y, Kaby Lake-H and Kaby Lake-S, which the specifications for each SKU can be seen in the following table:
(Source: WCCFTECH)
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