AMD unveils its latest Radeon R9 380X Graphics Card

After the long wait, AMD finally unveils its Radeon R9 380X Tonga based Graphics Card. Positioned in between the R9 380 and R9 390, the R9 380X is meant to fill that performance gap of both of the card.
The Tonga based R9 380X is basically a slightly beefed up R9 380, with extra cores on the stream processor and texture units, higher memory clock speed and extra VRAM. The buffed up card is expected to be able to support games under 1440p, a much better fashion compared to the lower end R9 380. 
AMD claims that the R9 380X is capable of handling some of the most graphically demanding games up to date at an average of 70+ FPS on high settings the with the mainstream 1080p resolution where most gamers enjoy their games on.
Here’s a list of the participating partners of AMD, most of us are familiar with all the brands here except for the VTX3D – definitely looking forward on what the brand will deliver for the end users.
AMD proclaim its lineup of graphics card as the products for the new era of PC gaming. What’s your thoughts of AMD’s daring claims?
While price and availability of the AMD Radeon R9 380X in Malaysia is still yet to be confirmed, the expected price as stated, will be approximately $229. As for overclocked models, it is expected to start from the price of $239, though price might varies across different partners with their proprietary custom coolers. 
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