A10 Networks has announced a brand new combined solution that utilizes the Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Next-Gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) to enhance cybersecurity resilience in the cloud computing sector.

A10 Next Gen WAF 1

Speaking in a simple manner, the Thunder ADC serves the needs of DDoS protection, authentication, and protocol checks at scale while the Next-Gen WAF dives deep into web application security services. Through this combination, A10 Networks places the combo as the primary application ingress point which means 1 deployment can efficiently front-end from a single up to thousands of applications without the need for individual server end-point deployments. And yes, hardware appliances and virtual machines are all part of the supported list.

Here’s a quick summary of the key features of what the A10 Thunder ADC + Next-Gen WAF provides for a business:

  • Layered Defense – OWASP Top 10 mitigation, DDoS Protection, Authentication, TLS/SSL decryption, and more modern web threats
  • Simplification via Consolidation – Converges under the Thunder ADC will be integrated as a single appliance solution with advanced load balancing, ADC caching, and the Fastly cloud service in addition to customers having a single point of support with A10
  • Ease of Use – Almost 90% of Fastly users run Blocking Mode that only targets bad traffics, thus minimum occurrence of false positives plus no learning period for IT teams
  • Lower Cost – Little or no software tuning required; A combination of thresholding, along with Fastly’s proprietary Network Learning Exchange (NLX) and SmartParse technology provides highly effective automated detection and blocking.
  • Reduced Risk – Guard against modern attack vectors like account takeover (ATO), enumeration, and DDoS; Popular DevOps and SIEM tools are compatible with it out of the box


The A10 Networks Thunder ADC + Next-Gen WAF, powered by Fastly, is available today and you may catch up with their updates on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


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