DDoS attack has always been one of the major security issues worldwide that causes a lot of inconveniences and sometimes damage to the victim. In the 2H 2021 reporting period, the A10 Networks threat intelligence research team has tracked over 15.4 million DDoS weapons used by threat actors to launch these attacks.

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The research team has found over a 100 percent increment of more obscure potential amplification weapons yearly, including the Apple Remote Desktop which was used in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Attackers have also taken advantage of the now well-known Log4j vulnerability. According to the researchers, over 75 percent of Log4j scanners originate in Russia.

As a countermeasure against the cyber attacks and state-sponsored cyberwarfare given the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Biden-Harris Administration has issued guidance urging U.S. organizations to reevaluate their security posture. One of the best solutions is to employ the Zero Trust principles, which not only protect networks but also ensure that they are not being used to launch attacks. A10’s security-led solutions for DDoS protection, TLS/SSL inspection of encrypted traffic and application delivery security capabilities can provide identity-based and context-based Zero Trust policies for specific enforced access.

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Additionally, A10 has recently joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to further assist the public cybersecurity needs and contribute to global solutions to cyber threats.

Visit the following link for more detailed results for this year’s DDoS threat report.



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