March 02, 2017

AMD X370, B350 and A320 Chipset Motherboards Pre-Orders Have Already Sold Out In Korea

By: Low Chern Lin

With all the promising results from reviews and benchmark everywhere, it's no surprise that more and more enthusiasts is considering jumping ship to a AMD Ryzen CPUs.

According to our unnamed source, the X370, B350 and A320 chipset motherboards pre-orders have already sold out in the Korean market today, which is just a week after the official launch of AMD Ryzen 7 X1800, X1700 and 1700 CPUs. While we're not disclosed with the exact number of orders received to date, it is known that the numbers of pre-orders received on February 22nd alone is already more than 1,000+ units.

According to the early benchmark result on WCCFTech, previous leaked 3DMark Fire Strike scores shows that the Ryzen 7 X1700 easily surpassed the Intel i7 6800K on both stock and overclocked, not to mention that its multi-threaded performance result that puts on a whopping 43% lead over the i7 6900K that cost almost thrice of the Ryzen 7 X1700.

This is definitely the moment every AMD fans longed and with the Ryzen 7 CPUs pulling out such outstanding performance, we can be sure that almost everyone now has eyes on the upcoming Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 CPUs that could potentially change the game for the mid-end and entry level system market.