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November 30, 2016

Logitech Introduces K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard & Stand Combo

By: John Diew

If you use multiple devices at your desk, chances are you often would need to pickup your smartphone or tablet and use the soft keyboard to type. Although it doesn't felt like a major inconvenience, but typing on a physical keyboard has better feel compared to a soft keyboard. However, due to the troublesome process of pairing and connecting the bluetooth devices, people would choose to not mess with it.

So Logitech set to make typing on smart devices fast and easy, introducing the new K375s Multi-Device keyboard. 

MSI Debuts The Assassin's Creed Movie Special Screening

By: Low Chern Lin

The expecting Assassin's Creed movie is to be released in December, based on the well-known game publisher Ubisoft’s best-selling over 100 million copies of the game "Assassin's Creed". MSI, aleader in high-end gaming hardware, and 21st Century Fox will host special screening for MSI fans in five countries. Meanwhile, from December 1st to January 15, 2017, there will be MSI online luck draws in 15 countries, allowing players and fans to enjoy the amazing movie combing the game stories and real scenes, and also have the opportunities to win MSI Carefully prepared gifts.

November 29, 2016

Honor Gala Christmas Promotion 2016

By: John Diew

Holiday season is just around the corner, if you're looking buy a smartphone as a gift for yourself or your loved ones, stay tuned to Honor Malaysia's Christmas promotion 2016 that is scheduled to run from 1 December to 12 December with price cuts up to RM100!

Intel Security McAfee Labs Predicts 14 Security Developments For 2017 and Beyond

By: Low Chern Lin

Intel® Security today released its McAfee Labs 2017 Threats Predictions Report, which identifies 14 threat trends to watch in 2017, the most critical developments to watch for in cloud security and the Internet of Things (IoT) security, and the six most difficult-to-solve challenges facing the cybersecurity industry.

November 28, 2016

ZOTAC Introduces Its Newly Improved VR GO Backpack

By: Low Chern Lin

ZOTAC International, a global manufacturer of innovation, is pleased to introduce an entirely new way to experience immersive VR with the ZOTAC VR GO backpack. Since making the impact at Computex 2016 with the first ever mobile VR experience, ZOTAC has improved the design, performance, and endurance of the original backpack.

November 23, 2016

Flash Malaysia join forces with Lazada Malaysia in conjunction with Black Friday & Cyber Monday

By: Low Chern Lin

In line with Lazada Malaysia’s Online Revolution Campaign, Flash Malaysia is providing its consumers exclusive deals on Flash Plus 2 in conjunction with the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales on Lazada. Customers can save up to RM124 when they purchase their Flash Plus 2 devices online from 25th-28th November 2016.

FSP Unveils New Twins Series Redundant PSU For Consumers

By: Low Chern Lin

FSP, the performance power specialist, is pleased to announce a new 500W addition to its Twins series redundant Power Supplies, with a 700W version coming soon. Fitting most ATX tower chassis, these PSUs offer consumers a reliable solution for home mail, web, or email servers without needing to jump up to more costly form factors.

AMD Rumored To Announce and Launch Its Radeon RX 490 In December

By: Low Chern Lin

For those of you who has been waiting for the RX 490 after AMD allegedly hints the arrival of the GPU back in July 2016, it seems that the waiting game is coming to its end. According to WCCFTech, AMD will be announcing and launching the RX 490 on the same day in this coming December, 2016. 

November 22, 2016

ECS Launches Its New GenerationMini PC, LIVA Z

By: Low Chern Lin

The global leading motherboard, Mini-PC, Notebooks and mobile device manufacturer, Elitegroup, is going to reveal the LIVA Z Mini PC, a fully functional computer that fits in the palm of your hand. Its launch touches upon the idea of having an easy to carry, lightweight, and power-saving computing solution. Its powerful performance and upgradeable flexibility makes it a great choice as a high quality full desktop alternative.

ZTE to Help Malaysian Businesses Seize Opportunities in Digital, Open, Sharing Economy

By: Low Chern Lin

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for mobile Internet, today underlined its commitment to help Malaysian businesses progress towards a digital economy as it unveiled its latest M-ICT 2.0 strategy at the inaugural ZTE VOICE Towards 2020 Summit.

As network data traffic is rapidly growing in these years, operators in Malaysia face a number of challenges when converting from a traditional service model to a data service and the requirement for new technologies and new service has greatly increased. During the summit ZTE showcased its latest products and solutions to key business leaders and owners that addresses five key trends that ZTE predicts will influence and determine future industrial development over the next four years. Under the acronym VOICE, the five trends areVirtuality, Openness, Intelligence, Cloudification, and Internet of Everything.

Building the Bridge to 5G
To exemplify VOICE and its fundamental elements in driving digital growth and transformation, ZTE exhibited its Pre-5G Massive MIMO solution, a flagship product of its Pre-5G offering and winners of the “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award" and "CTO Choice Award”at the Mobile World Congress 2016. In a commercial network, the single-carrier peak rate of the Pre-5G Massive MIMO technology can exceed 400 Mbps, therefore increasing spectral efficiency by four to six times as compared to that of existing 4G networks. Fully compatible with existing 4G terminals, the Pre-5G Massive MIMO technology enables users to continue enjoying a high-speed broadband experience without changing their terminals. 

Big Video Best View
ZTE highlighted its Big Video 4K+ solution, which provides intelligent operation and intelligent maintenance based on a big data platform. With powerful data mining and analysis, management, and scalability, the solution offers customers a visualized online maintenance management (OMM) portal and end-to-end intelligent fault location to improve terminal users’ video experience. Meanwhile, the intelligent operation platform supports precision marketing, targeted advertising, personalized EPG, as well as providing data support for innovative digital services required by industries such as medical care, education and travel. The solution's big data based multi-dimension user analysis and modelling capability provides reference for users when making operation-related decisions. 

Rebuilding the Future of Network
ZTE showcased its ElasticNet 3.0 elastic network solution, including its perspective on future-oriented network re-architecture and the practice of its massive application, which receives widespread interest from the industry.Within ElasticNet 3.0 ZTE proposes its perspective on future-oriented network re-architecture, which can be concluded as ‘one centre, dual-engines and triple-layer re-architecture’. The network will be re-architected to a cloud virtual data center (vDC)-centric next generation telecom infrastructure and facilitated by the technological advantages of software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). This will re-define the architecture of cloudified telecom network and achieve the re-architecture of infrastructure layer, business logic layer and orchestration layer (triple-layer re-architecture).

Extending success to the smartphone market
Building on their success in telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions, ZTE Corporation has been expanding their business in the smartphone market, having invested approximately 15% of total profits annually on research and development to design innovative products that enhance consumer lifestyles.

The successful launch of Blade V7 Series in May 2016 this year in Malaysia, which saw more than 20,000 units being sold in less than a month, also the market reception of flagship ZTE AXON 7 series which in collaboration with DOLBY ATMOS, has been quite remarkable. It has been named the winner of the 2016 IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards – “Breakthrough in Smartphone Audio Innovation” by IDG and German Industry and Commerce Ltd. It underlined ZTE’s presence in both the international and local markets with its range of premium yet affordable smartphones.

Jeff Zhou, Managing Director of ZTE Southeast Asia said, “ZTE believes M-ICT2.0 will play critical roles in the ongoing global economic transformation and cause far-reaching impact for the new future. To date, we have made substantial breakthrough in the Malaysian market, and as we continue to ramp up our effort laid out in our M-ICT 2.0 Strategy, we look forward to helping Malaysian businesses seize opportunities in digital,open,sharing economy.”

To access the ‘M-ICT 2.0: VOICE of Future’ whitepaper, please visit go to the official ZTE Corporation website at

AOC Unveils Its AGON AG322FCX Gaming Monitor

By: Low Chern Lin

AOC, a global-leader in display technology,is proud to present the premium gaming monitor brand, “AGON,” which was officially launched globally this year. AOC has engineered AGON with the latest premium technology and exquisite exterior design to provide gamers with the most versatile gaming experience possible.

Cooler Master Announces Partnership with Malaysia Battlefield Team (MBT), a Decade-old eSports and Gaming Community

By: Low Chern Lin

Cooler Master, an innovative brand well known globally as a leader in designing and manufacturing award-winning computer components, cooling solutions and peripherals, has decided to partner with Malaysia Battlefield Team (MBT), one of Malaysia’s pioneer in eSports. MBT is made up of lively and positive minded gamers’ vying and competing for various titles locally and internationally.

Established on 15 September 2006, MBT has come a long way from its initial members which comprises of only 8 aspiring Malaysian gamers focusing on the “Battlefield” franchise. They recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary where team members from all age groups throughout the country who came together as one to celebrate the amazing milestone in a bonding meet-up at Kuala Lumpur. Since then, MBT has grown into a full-fledged community that has 60 members. However, they remain true to their cause, which is to build up the Malaysian gaming community and increase awareness of eSports in Malaysia. Their current focus has evolved from the initial focus of the “Battlefield” series to introducing a lively social and positive gamer’s community in the country by breaking negative stereotypes which as usually associated with gamers in Malaysia.

OBINS Anne PRO RGB Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Review

By: Low Chern Lin

If you're a big fan of minimalist keyboards, this is definitely something you don't want to miss out. We've managed to get our hands on the OBINS Anne PRO RGB Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, a rather new 60% keyboard that has recently made its appearance in the Malaysian local mechanical keyboard community.

Special thanks to Store Uni for the provision of the OBINS Anne PRO for today's review, and with no further adieu, let's see how does it stand against the Vortex Poker, Filco Minila, Ducky Mini, etc that most of us are familiar with!

(The OBINS Anne PRO retails at RM300)


Total Keys
Gateron Mechanical Switch
Black / White
USB Support
Bluetooth 4.0
App Support
iOS / Android
Firmware Update
Main MCU
Hardware De-jitter Support
Response Time
LED Effect
RGB 16 million colors
Bluetooth receiver, USB cable, keycap puller


The Anne PRO ships in an overly simple and minimalist package where the front of the box comes only with a big label of the product name, 60% Anne Mechanical Keyboard. Well.... along with a sticker on the top right.

The back of the box is rather unique we'd say. It appears that Obins has the intention of wanting the users to keep the box instead of throwing it away, as the QR code for soft copy of the user's guide, link to App download and the list of the combination of function keys layout for reference purpose are all printed on the back of the box.

Box Content

The only accessories you'll get are the flat USB mini cable for wired connection, USB Bluetooth receiver for wireless connection, and a plastic ring-type keycap puller. 

The Anne PRO is available in black and white chassis with 3 different choices of Gateron  Red, Brown and Blue switches to choose from.

According to Obins, they don't plan to keep their product plain and boring like some other brands, as there are users who would like to customize the appearance of their keyboard cases. There are currently 4 different colors of cases which can be purchased separately for RM39 each.

The Anne PRO

The Anne PRO features a 60% layout design just like the Poker from Vortex, specially designed for the advanced enthusiasts who prefer something which is even smaller than a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard. 

Some might wonder, why the heck would someone even get rid of the useful Numpad, arrow keys and the 12 function keys just for the sake of compactness and portability? Well, we'd say it's a personal preference, but according to some of the advanced users, 60% layout allows you to perform tasks more efficiently with minimal movement, as well as some extra desk space which you will appreciate over time.

From the side, we can see that the chassis of the Anne PRO has a higher profile that gives it a slightly steeper angle compared to most mainstream designs.

On the top left corner of the chassis, you'll find the micro-USB connector for wired connection. The indented section near the port isn't as deep as the one on the Poker 3. We tested 3 of our own micro USB cables and they seem to fit without any issue.

Other than the commonly seen Kailh and Outemu switches, the Gateron switch used on the Anne PRO are one of (many) Cherry MX alternatives that are widely endorsed by mechanical keyboard communities, with claims of some variant being better than the original Cherry MX itself.

Key caps wise, the Anne PRO comes with the now commonly seen double shot caps used on most Chinese branded mechanical keyboards, which promises better longevity compared to the traditional painted translucent keycaps. 

As for the stabilizers, the Anne PRO are using the Cherry stabilizers which is easier to remove compared to Costar metal wire stabilizer. 

The case design positions the keyboard height to be somewhere in between a keyboard with and without its keyboard feet being raised. You won't find any adjustable keyboard feet at the bottom, only rubber grips that ensure the keyboard to stay in place while on a desk. 

There's a little hole near to the right of the case, which you can poke with a pin to reset the keyboard to its factory settings.

To remove the PCB from the case for customization, you will have to remove 5 pieces of screws which can be accessed with the keycaps removed. 

At the bottom of the PCB, we can see that OBINS has really kept the QC done well. The solder work is very, very clean, with no excessive flux nor cold solder joint to be found. Located directly under the space bar are 2 pieces of ARM Cortex M3-based STM32L151 microcontroller that handle the LED and keyboard functionality respectively.

A 1000mAh Lithium-ion battery is attached to the keyboard to supply enough power for wireless operation of up to 3 hours with the LED on, and standby time of up to 30 hours.

On the left side of the PCB, we found a Texas Instruments CC2541 2.4-GHz Bluetooth SoC for wireless operation that supports radius range of up to 10 meters. 

RGB LED Modes Preview

User Experience

Key rollover test wise, we're able to hold down each and every key with no signs of signal blocking and ghosting effect on both wired and Bluetooth wireless mode without any issue. We strongly recommend cable connection just in case if you're really using it for PC gaming due to the noticeable input delay on wireless mode, especially with rapid tapping that could potentially affect your overall performance.

To use it on your smartphones, tablets, etc, you will first have to enable the Bluetooth mode using FN + B. Scan for the keyboard in your Bluetooth menu and enter the code as stated on the keyboard for the pairing to work.

The Anne PRO can be controlled via the Obins peripheral App once the Bluetooth pairing is successful. We have no problem in exploring the simple and straight forward user interface and things can be done easily within minutes.

The 4 function of the Obins peripherals App consists of the LED lighting controls, layout selection, macro keys management and settings. While the App does allow direct customization on the keyboard LED modes, layout selection, and macro keys management, the App is still at its early stage, as we can see some unusable features labeled with 'coming soon...' and we could perhaps see a better revision with more features added in the coming future.

Final Thoughts
Users who heavily relies on the ditched keys i.e arrow keys, Numpad, function key rows will find the Anne PRO's 60% layout unpleasant. Still, this doesn't actually make a 60% keyboard bad and in fact, like most of the 60% keyboard out there, OBINS Anne PRO are made specifically for the niche group of advanced enthusiasts who appreciates the minimal footprint and conserve desk space.  

Other than its small footprint, the OBINS Anne PRO features Bluetooth wireless operation support, double shot keycaps, RGB LED lighting which is usually found on expensive RGB mechanical gaming keyboards. At RM300, we'd say that the OBINS Anne PRO is quite a steal, really.

If you're one of the advanced enthusiasts mentioned, we're pretty sure that most of you will find the OBINS Anne PRO a pretty reasonable alternative, or perhaps more, for an HHKB or a Poker that will cost around twice or more. 

  • Solid build quality
  • Doubleshot keycaps
  • Decent LED modes
  • Support Bluetooth pairing with up to 4 devices
  • Customizable via dedicated App
  • Built-in 1000mAh Lithium-ion battery for wireless operation
  • Full key rollover (NKRO)
  • Very reasonable price 
  • Very limited LED modes
  • Intensity of the LED seems a little lacking 
  • Noticeable input delays on Bluetooth mode

November 21, 2016

Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 4

By: John Diew

Smartphones are amazing, they revolutionised the portable computing and how people consume multimedia contents while hitting on the street. However, due to the increased performance and higher demand for resource, gone is the longevity of battery life where we took it as granted during the times of dumb phone era.

In order to tackle the battery life issue, various methods has been implemented, including larger battery pack, increasing the SoC's efficiency, software optimisation. All in all, while putting in a larger battery pack pretty much solved the problem temporarily, but that also introduced another issue , longer charging time, and Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology is being created specially to tackle this issue.

November 17, 2016

Samsung Malaysia Electronics Partners With Lazada Malaysia To Turn Offline Samsung Stores Online

By: Low Chern Lin

Samsung Malaysia Electronics, in partnership with Lazada Malaysia, is proud to unveil the first portal-in-portal site in Southeast Asia that turns offline Samsung stores online. Beginning with the ‘Unbox the Wonders of Home’ year-end online campaign which commenced on 11th November in conjunction with Lazada’s Online Revolution campaign, Samsung is bringing its products closer than ever before to consumers all over Malaysia. 

Through this partnership between Samsung and Lazada, more consumers will get the chance to shop online for their desired Samsung home appliances with ease knowing that they can enjoy savings and convenience compared to the conventional way of shopping. How it works is Lazada helps to track every brand shop within the onsite portal according to postcodes to ensure that each is geographically tagged and catalogued to fit the shoppers' address, automatically entitling them for free and fast delivery. 

MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro Gaming Notebook Review

By: Low Chern Lin

Gaming notebooks can be a great alternative for gamers who is always on the move, but most of the real deal gaming powerhouse like the GT80 Titan SLI and GT72 Dominator Pro that we've seen in the past were all heavy and bulky due to the size of heat sink and cooling fans that keeps both CPU and GPU of these system cool. The lower-end models that offers better mobility however, were packed with GTX960M or lower that has a limited performance which weren't able to handle most AAA titles as well as the higher-end GTX980M and GTX970M.

Thanks to the new power efficient Pascal architecture GPU from NVIDIA, the GTX 10 series, the AIB partners can now upgrade the lower-end model with the GTX1060, which according to NVIDIA, is as capable as a GTX980. In order to verify the claim, we have the MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro gaming notebook here at Tech Critter's lab this time, and special thanks to MSI Malaysia Notebook for the provision of the review unit!

(The MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro gaming notebook is retailed at RM8999)

November 16, 2016

Plextor Introduces the EX1 External SSD For High-speed Mobile Storage Standards

By: Low Chern Lin

Plextor, the world's leading brand in high-performance digital storage devices today announces its new generation lightweight, slim, and high-speed external solid state drives (SSD) - The Plextor EX1. Built with extreme speeds in mind, we have integrated the latest industry-leading USB Type-C connector with the powerful Plextor high-performance SSD core to provide exceptional data reading/writing speeds; fully enhancing the performance of external storage devices, especially for large-capacity file transfer and backup. Data loss and overheating are some of the known issues to external hard drives with moving mechanical parts, and EX1 is exquisitely designed to be shock-proof, quiet during operation, lightweight, and portable. It also supports mobile storage on Android devices via OTG. 

Honor Malaysia Opens its First Concept Store

By: John Diew

Kuala Lumpur, 15 November 2016 – Honor Malaysia has officially opened its first Concept Store at Plaza Lowyat today, further showing its commitment to making its products accessible to consumers. Malaysia has been a key region for the company and the launch of its Concept Store will provide better customer service and product offering experience for the Malaysian consumers.

MSI VR One - The Most Powerful Backpack PC is now on the Market

By: Low Chern Lin

As the leading brand of the gaming industry, MSI notebook is always ahead of others in meeting gamers’ needs by introducing the most up-to-date solutions for extreme gamers. MSI has built deep relationships with the VIVE team of HTC Corporation for quite a long time and determines to deliver and promote the best VR experience on the mobile platform. MSI VR One, the Lightest Futuristic VR Backpack,is now available in US, Europe, Japan, Australia, China and Taiwan, and will come into Malaysia before Christmas this year.

MSI VR One is the world’s lightest (Under3.6 kg) and thinnest (54 mm) backpack PC system compacted with same specifications products. It creates the user’s freedom of movement by eliminating PC and monitor cables getting in the way.The magnificent backpack comes with two battery packs and is able to provide 1.5 hours of full speed game play with highest performance all the time. Powered by a MSI factory overclocked 6th Generation Intel®Core™ i7 processor and GeForce® GTX 10 series graphics card, MSI VR One can deliver full gaming performance with a noise of less than 40dBA when in VR games experience.The back mount design could keep user’s back cool and feel no temperature from VR One.

November 15, 2016

Cooler Master Launches the Seidon 240P and Seidon 120V V3 Plus All-in-One CPU Liquid Coolers

By: Low Chern Lin

Cooler Master, the market’s leader in design and manufacturing of computer components and peripherals, announced today the immediate availability of the Seidon 240P &Seidon 120V V3 Plus, latest additions to the Seidon all-in-one liquid cooling.

Compact Liquid Cooling with Advanced Performance
Both the Seidon 240P andSeidon 120V V3 Plus are designed to be a compact all-in-one liquid cooling solution that is accessible to all. Its specially designed 240/120mm radiators provide superior heat dissipation and fits in almost any case. The highly optimized integrated pump and water block combo assist in saving valuable space around the CPU socketwhile providing the best water flow and system performance.The included dual JetFlo 120 Blue LED fans for Seidon 240P (800 ~ 2,400 RPM) and XtraFlo 120 Red LED fans (800 ~ 2,200 RPM) for the Seidon 120V V3 Plus ensure plenty of options for balance fan noise and performance.

Simple Setup & Maintenance-Free
True to its all-in-one moniker, both the Seidon 240P and Seidon120V V3 Plusare self-contained units that require minimal setup for installation and use. The pump and radiator ship pressure tested, pre-filled, and sealed directly from the factory to provide maintenance-free operation for years. This ease of use extends to its support of the latest Intel and AMD sockets; including the latest Intel LGA 2011-3 and AMD FM2+ sockets.

Pricing &Availability
The Seidon 240P and Seidon 120V V3 Plus are now available for purchase locally, priced at RM 339 and RM 249 respectively.