December 08, 2016

Samsung to remove headphone jack from Galaxy S8

By: John Diew

We live in a rather weird transition period. The transition from USB-A to USB-C has met a rather strong feedback from the consumers when Apple decided to ONLY support the USB-C on their latest MacBook Pro. That doesn't come before the release of the iPhone 7 that comes without a headphone jack, apparently due to the port taking up too much space in the phone chassis. Of course, the consumers are extremely annoyed with that courageous move.

Then, it seems that Samsung would be the next manufacturer to jump into the anti-3.5mm bandwagon as Adnan from Sammobile has been exclusively confirmed that Samsung will remove the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy S8.

The removal of the headphone jack would make the phone thinner and free up the extra space for larger battery or even integrating a pair of Harman speakers into Galaxy S8.

For USB-C case, it is perfectly understandable as it is the port of the future. However, is headphone jack really something that we need to get rid of? #courage I guess.

Samsung is due to launch the Galaxy S8 in February 2017 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Sammobile