December 20, 2016

E-Blue E-Sports Stadium Makes Local Debut At Malaysia's Annual LAN Party CyberFusion 2016

By: Low Chern Lin

E-Blue has been very aggressive in promoting it's E-Sports Stadium in the past few months, aiming to provide an outstanding environment and platform for the competitive gamers to perform at their best. 

The company has taken the initiative to make local its debut during CyberFusion 2016, Malaysia's annual LAN Pary Event to introduce its E-Sports Stadium to the participants aka the CyberFusionist. 

For participants who has attended the past CyberFusion(s), random mini competition hosted by Malaysian Battlefield Team has been a tradition of the annual LAN Party and the E-Sports Stadium section has been an added plus to the mini competition where it act as a simulation environment for participants to experience the atmosphere of an actual competitive gaming environment. 

President of eSports Malaysia, Dato Latt Shariman Abdullah too, were present at E-Blue Esports Stadium section during the event and is seen enjoying himself on the battle station. 

According to Dato Latt, Malaysia's eSports scene has been growing rapidly in the past few years with emerging new talent and significant achievement from the local eSports athletes. Unlike most traditional internet cafe, the E-Sports Stadium by E-Blue has all the necessary elements to introduce a conducive environment for the emerging young talent in the eSports scene to train and perform at their utmost potential.