October 29, 2016

Price comparison: 2016 MacBook Pro vs 2015 MacBook Pro

By: John Diew

During the Apple's "hello again" event, the Cupertino company officially revealed the new generation MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID support. So, we prepared a simple price comparison chart in case you're interested in the price difference between the Late 2016 MBP and Early 2015 MBP.

Other than the redesigned chassis, the key difference of the new generation MacBook Pro would be the inclusion of the Touch Bar and Touch ID support. Under the hood, the CPU has been upgraded to Intel 6th generation Core i5 and i7.

Let's start with the 13-inch model.

The Mid and High specs are having the almost identical upgrade, but weirdly the price increment is quite ridiculous for the Mid-spec, that's extra RM1250 more expensive than the one it's replacing.

Low-spec model is slightly complicated. Gone is the 128GB storage option, where previously offered as the entry model at RM5499. By upgrading the storage to 256GB, one has to top up an absurd price of RM920!

Leaving that aside, now, having both models at almost similar configuration, the new model is a teensy cheaper (RM120) than the 2015 model, but at the expense of lower base clock speed CPU, at 2.0GHz compared to 2.7GHz (i5-5257U).

By looking through the Intel ARK database, the 2016 model could be sporting an Intel Core i5-6360U. CPU-Monkey benchmark shows that while the 6360U is about 17% slower in multi-core tasks, but the lower TDP could spell lower temperature and longer battery life.

But hey, that's just in theory at this moment until we finally get the actual product and test out in a whole package.

Moving on to 15-inch model.

The exact same case happens to the 15-inch model. The Mid and High specs are having the almost identical upgrade, but the price increment for the Mid-spec is more expensive than the High-spec model.

Side note, with the purchase of the new MBP, you still have to fork out at least RM89 for various USB-C adapters, which ultimately increases the final cost. Yikes.

What do you think of the latest generation's MacBook Pro's pricing? Let us know in the comments.

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