September 30, 2016

Facehugger Mod - KINGMAX DDR4 Memory Kit Mod By Jengki WMP

By: Low Chern Lin

The case modding scene has grown remarkably throughout the year and we can see plenty of modding competition going on, hosted by renown manufacturers like Cooler Master, In Win, Thermaltake, MSI, and more. 

These events acted as a stage to allow the hidden talent found in the modding scene to shine and modders from Thailand in particular, has gained quite a lot of attention with their wide variety of modding project that covers not only case mod, but scratch build, laptop modding, components modding has brought the meaning of modding in the PC enthusiasts community to another level.

Siratas “Jengki WMP” Vutipapornkul of Thailand, is a well-experienced case modder who is renowned for many of his Marvel character-themed mods and his mods can be spotted in quite a number of major events in the region, i.e VMODTech's Asia Lan Party, Computex, Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational, MSI PRO MOD, etc. 

If his Marvel character-themed mods doesn't impress you, you might want to have a check on one of his work for Gigabyte Extreme Gaming booth at Computex 2016, the Flying Killer Machine mod that is done with extreme precision in every last detail . 

The Facehugger mod is Jengki WMP's latest project in working, featuring the KINGMAX's DDR4 memory kit. Each memory module has a miniature Facehugger from the all time classic SciFi movie 'Alien' attached to give the memory kit a new flavor from the outer space. According to the modder himself, will be making its appearance at VMODTech's Asia LAN Party 2016 later in October 15, 2016 at Palladium World Shopping Mall Bangkok 5th Floor, Bangkok. 

If you wish to see more of his current and previous project worklog, kindly visit his Facebook profile at