February 16, 2015

Unboxing & Review: Corsair Gaming Sabre Optical RGB Gaming Mouse

By: Potato Tech

Last year, Corsair had changed their gaming brand name to Corsair Gaming. Other than releasing new peripherals, they also re-branded existing peripherals and refreshed them into gaming editions. Today, we been given the opportunity to take a closer look to Corsair Gaming's Sabre RGB Optical Review. Mighty thanks to the folks at Corsair for providing the sample, selling at RM209 in the local retail market, let us look into the Sabre RGB.


50 dpi - 6400 dpi
Sensor Type
Mouse Backlighting
4 Zone RGB
Programmable Buttons
On-Board Memory
Report Rate
Mouse Feet
Extra Large PTFE
1.8m Braided Fiber
Cue Software
124mm x 80mm x 38mm


Front of the packaging looks rather simple with Corsair Gaming logo and highlights of a few features available of the mouse.
On the left side of the box, it mentions that you need an internet connection (duh) to download the latest Corsair Utility Engine Software.

On the left, it shows that the mouse you can customize the back-lighting up to 16.8 million color and 6,400 dpi optical sensor for better gaming experience.

The back indicates the functionality of each of the buttons that are available on the mouse.

Upon opening the box, the left highlights the zones of colors that you actually could customize and on the right is the actual mouse you were waiting to conquer.

The mouse is well sealed in the box to avoid any damage during shipment and due to its theme, it is really Yellow!
Surprise! the cable is braided and even comes with a Velcro strap to allow for better cable management.

On top of the mouse, you have the Corsair Logo that will light up according to the color you set.

On the edge of the left mouse button, are two DPI buttons and another two customize-able buttons are located directly above the thumb-rest.. 

Front of the mouse looks sexy, it has a similar design to the Corsair M65 (its bigger brother).

Isn't it gorgeous? 


Plugging in the mouse for the first time, you will need to install the latest software driver that can be downloaded over here. Starting up the software, it will bring up the update window and update to the latest firmware available for the mouse. The first section allows you to change the lighting on the scroll-wheel, logo and front of the mouse. 

Other than that, there is a section for you to configure different DPI speed that you desire, due to it being an optical mouse, you might want to to set a perfect DPI to use. Most of FPS gamer might be interested to change the scoping sensitivity as well to adapt with different situations. Another interesting thing is that you actually can configure the lift height of the mouse and of course most gamers will choose to disable the angle snapping for more control in-game.


Using the Saber Optical RGB mouse for over two weeks gave me an unexpected feeling toward it. The overall build quality is superb but after long periods of usage, the mouse matte surface started to peel and appear glossy. Compared to the previous mouse that I liked, the Roccat Kone XTD, there are no weight cartridge system here and in my opinion, some users out there will need this feature.

With the optical advantage, the Saber Optical RGB mouse tracks and glides very well on my Roccat Raivo and Roccat Taito. During gaming, I find that the DPI button on far right is slightly hard to reach, you will need to do some stretching. However, other than that, the other buttons are very well position by Corsair (Deserve a thumbs up!)

I was rather disappointed with the advance lightning actions because I expected it to do actions similar to Corsair's own RGB keyboard. But I was glad that this time, the software allow user to easily change the mouse color by just clicking on the area that you want to change the color to and the software will pop-out a small screen with all the colors you ever needed.


No doubt this mouse is getting a lot attention from our team. The design of the mouse looks superb, with a lot of smooth curves and an ergonomic grip, comfortable with the gentle textured coating and light weight of the mouse itself.

Many must be wondering, how long does their buttons last. Rest assured, Corsair's quality control is top notch and the Sabre RGB is equipped with Omron switches which lasts longer than your average mouse that you might have used before. With the advantage of optical sensor, FPS games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can benefit from a big mouse pad due to the better feedback on how far of a distance you move your mouse.

Another thumbs up from our team is that Corsair provides a 2 year warranty despite the affordable price tag compared to other competitors. We tried the Corsair Utility Engine to configure the mouse and its various LEDs. Its a decent software, but some tweaking may be needed at first and we recommend referring to the manual if you're having any sort of trouble. We hope that Corsair will be able to provide more advanced configuration to the actions and lighting as they did with their RGB Keyboard. 

If you are looking for an optical gaming mouse, you can pick the Sabre RGB from your favorite PC stores.


  • Great gaming sensor, accurate and fast
  • Comfortable even after long periods
  • Advanced macro functions
  • Tracks well on different surfaces (except glass)
  • Solidly built with quality materials
  • Lack of advance lighting actions
  • Ring finger and pinky have a small rest area
With that, I'm giving the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Optical Mouse a Tech Critter Recommended and Gold Badge!