February 27, 2015

Unboxing & Overview of the be quiet! Straight Power 10 600W CM Semi-Modular Power Supply

By: Low Chern Lin

be quiet! has an excellent reputation among the enthusiasts around the globe, mainly with its cooling fans, CPU coolers and power supplies that has earned countless awards throughout the years. Instead of cooling fans and CPU coolers, we'll be checking on be quiet! latest power supply, the Straight Power 10 600W, 80 Plus gold certified model which features Semi-Modular design for better cable management.

As there's no local distributor in Malaysia, the be quiet! Straight Power 10 is available at the price of $129.90 from


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It's not hard for one to identify a be quiet! product - black classy minimalist design and a line that usually has something to do with quiet and efficiency. 

At the back of the box you'll find a diagram showing the types of cables used and the power output table.


The included accessories is pretty common, a user's manual, modular cables, zip ties and screws.

All cables comes labelled to make installation easier, especially for the newbies.

Closer Look

Unlike most PSU that uses rounded fan grill, the fan grill used on the be quiet! Straight Power 10 is made up of a series of metal wire in parallel arrangement. 

At the side of the PSU you'll find be quiet! indented logo. 

At the other side of the PSU we can find the power output details listed in a table. The be quiet! Straight Power 10 CM 600W is capable of delivering 576 watts via the +12V rails, which is plenty much enough for most high-end graphics card in the current timeline, i.e: AMD R9 290X, Nvidia GeForce GTX 980.

Honeycomb mesh grill is known to be able to provide greater airflow through the entire area of the honeycomb surface and the design can be found on majority of quality PSU on the market. be quiet! is among the numbers of quality PSU manufacturer that implemented the honeycomb mesh grill design to their PSU.

Just like any other semi-modular PSU, the Straight Power 10 has the compulsory 24-pin cable attached to it and 

That the series of modular cable slots is labelled to make installation much easier.

The modular cable slot is also placed vertically to make cable management easier and reduce potential damage to the cables by bending side ways.

Testing & Conclusion

As Tech Critter do not own any industrial grade load tester to perform intensive tests on the power supplies on hand, we will be performing tests from the end user's angle. We've mounted the be quiet! Straight Power 10 600W on our Vector Bench Case and have gone through numerous tests which involves stress test and overclocking various hardwares i.e: Intel i7 4770K, Intel i7 4790K, AMD A10-7850K, AMD FX-8320E, AMD R9 290X, AMD R9 280X, Nvidia GTX 980, Nvidia GTX 970, Nvidia GTX 960, etc. 

Glad to say that we did not encounter any issues throughout all the tests conducted - the PSU fan did a wonderful job not only on cooling but acoustic as well; no coil whine issue found when the system is stressed with stress test and benchmark utility.  

Aside of the higher cost, we can't find anything bad of the be quiet! Straight Power 10. Really. Although there's no local distributor here in Malaysia for the brand, we would still recommend the be quiet! Straight Power 10 to enthusiasts who wants a power supply that is silent and reliable if there's a given chance to purchase one.  


  • 80+ gold rating
  • Modular cables for easier cable management
  • Virtually inaudible during normal operation and stress testing
  • Well labelled modular cables and modular cable slots


  • Price is higher than other competitors that offers something similar