February 07, 2015

Unboxing & Overview: FSP Aurum 600W and Aurum CM 650W

By: Clement Thien

It's 2015 and if you're shopping for a new PC, you'll need a new PSU. So here are two more quality PSUs from FSP to add into that list for your consideration, the FSP Aurum S 600W (AS-600) and the Aurum CM 650W(AU-650M).

Mighty thanks to FSP for the provision of these samples and for sending them to me. The AS-600 retails for RM359 while the AU-650M at RM399 in the local market, let's see what FSP has inside them boxes!


Both boxes are identical in design, each in black & gold decals depicting the product (or parts of it) on the front along with some features and highlights aside from the model names. The Aurum CM 650W is packed in a slightly larger box that probably means more goodies inside compared to the Aurum S 600W, which we'll take a look at first.

The back of the AS-600 details the power specifications, more features in text and images and the cables.

Not much is there to say about the sides, some branding in one form or another, and a multi-lingual that redirects buyers to FSP's website for more info.

Sliding the sleeve off, you'll have a simple black box.

To which inside, you'll be greeted by some protective foam, user manual and the AS-600 PSU itself.

The AS-600 seems very well protected in there.

Digging out all the contents, you'll get a power cable, 4 thumbscrews, an FSP case badge and some  velcro cable ties.

The AS-600

The list of connector cables on the Aurum S 600W...

  • Model
  • AS-600
  • Efficiency
  • 90% typical
  • Input Voltage
  • 90 ~ 264Vac
  • Frequency
  • 47 ~ 63Hz
  • PFC
  • Active PFC (0.99)
  • Power Provided
  • 600W
  • Over-Current Protection
  • V
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • V
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • V
  • Case Color
  • Black
  • Chassis Fan
  • 120mm
  • Noise
  • <21 dBA
  • Form Factor
  • ATX 12V V2.3 & EPS 12V V2.92
  • Safety Approval
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) mm
  • 150 x 140 x 86

With the AS-600 out of the box, lets take a closer look. The unit felt solid and I really like that FSP has chosen a textured-matte paint for the PSU that gives it an appealing look and also makes handling much easier. The hexagonal fan grill looks great as well but I wish that they did something to the cables to make it look better since users are gonna be stuck with all of them being a non-modular PSU.

Flipping the AS-600 over, you'll find your typical power specification sticker.

Vents where the cables protrude kinda looks like small arrows but note that the cable exit point is padded to protect the cables from getting severed on the metal edge, nice!

On the sides, FSP stamped their mark instead of using more stickers so even if you repaint them (not sure why you would on an already nice coating) you'll still have the FSP branding. Warranty sticker has been tampered but not removed so I think that the warranty is still valid? *wink*.

FSP went crazy with the arrow-like vents at the back of the unit, except where the power socket and switch is located. 

The AU-650M


Product Specification
Input Voltage90 ~ 264Vac
Frequency47 ~ 63Hz
PFCActive PFC (0.99)
Power Provided650W
Over-Current ProtectionV
Over-Voltage ProtectionV
Short-Circuit ProtectionV
Line Type/ Main connector20+4 Pins
EPS 12V 4+4 pin Connector1
4 pin Floppy Connector1
SATA Connector8
4 pin Molex Connector5
PCI-E 6+2 pin Connector4
Case ColorBlack
Chassis Fan120mm
Noise<21 dBA
Form FactorATX 12V V2.3 & EPS 12V V2.92
Safety ApprovalcUL, FCC, CE, TUV, GOST
Dimensions(Lx W x H)mm150 x 160 x 86

Things are much the same on the box as the AS-600 so I'll just leave the pictures here for you readers to look at.

The contents though, is much more elaborated. You'll still get a user manual and the PSU unit (of course) surrounded in soft foam, but FSP has included more stuff inside.

The accessories are these two bundle of flat modular cables as the AU-650M is a semi-modular PSU. 

While the flat cables will help one fit them behind the motherboard tray, I do wish that the sleevings will cover all of the coloured cables, a minor aesthetics issue but an issue nonetheless.

For ease of comparison, here are both of the PSUs side by side. The AU-650M has a longer body and a golden trim around the fan grill. Identical in design and paint-job, but I think you might wanna consider mounting the AU-650M with the fan facing inside your chassis for aesthetics purposes, especially if you're using a windowed chassis.

The main difference? AU-650M has lesser cables attached. Only the 20+4 ATX, 4+4 EPS and a 6+2 PCI-E is hard-wired onto the unit with the rest being modular.

We have some points for connecting the modular cables here, 4-pins for peripherals and a 6-pin for your PCI-E to juice up your GPU if the existing 6+2 pin cable is insufficient. If the placement of the points could be closer to the attached cables, you would have a neater build, particularly true for the 6-pin PCI-E

Another reason why I mentioned that you should mount this PSU "fan-side-in", the fan grill looks much better than this sticker for sure.


I'll be mounting the PSU(s) in the Vector Beta Testor Bench Case because it's easier to show the differences as well as the fact that I do not have to worry about cable management too much. Depicted above is my Silverstone Strider Essential 600W that I have disconnected from the system and being a non modular unit, this is what one would normally have to deal with when installing a new system.

After clearing up, I placed the AS-600 inside. It looks neat now because the cables are bunched up but you'll face the same cable management issue as this is also a non-modular cable.

With the AU-650M however, I only have to worry about 3 cables which is a huge improvement. For those of you mounting this in a normal chassis, you'll be thanking the gods for the much lesser cable clutter at the back of the motherboard.

Testing & Conclusion

I actually had both the AS-600 and the AU-650M tested on the same system Intel system that I had sporting an Intel i7 4770K on the Asus ROG Maximus VII Ranger for about 2 weeks each time. Glad to report that despite all the surfing, gaming, movie watching, testing that I've done on my system, both PSU performed very well, even being quieter than my dual mechanical 3.5" storage drives.


  • 80+ Gold efficiency rating
  • 5 years warranty
  • Nice paint coating
  • Good looking designs of vents, fan grill and stamped logo
  • Non-modular interface
  • Standard cable sleevings

  • 80+ Gold efficiency rating
  • 5 years warranty
  • Nice paint coating
  • Good looking designs of vents, fan grill and stamped logo
  • Semi-modular unit
  • Flat modular cables
  • Sleevings on modular cable doesn't look too appealing
Both the AS-600 and the AU-650M hereby gets the Recommended Tech-Critter badge!