August 19, 2014

Event Coverage: ALL IT Hypermarket Overclocking Roadshow, Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

By: Low Chern Lin

In collaboration with Gigabyte Malaysia, ALL IT Hypermarket has put on an effort to break the ice with the Overclocking Roadshow, showing you how overclocking is done with air cooling, water cooling and extreme sub zero liquid nitrogen cooling.

Early bird gets the worm? Not quite, as we're here for some overclocking action! As soon as we reach the entrance, we were greeted first by Gigabyte's and Corsair's banner stands. Not like what we've seen in the previous Overclocking Roadshow at Digital Mall SS14 Petaling Jaya.

And something not to be missed, getting ourselves registered for the goodies bag!

More participants got themselves registered as well...

Staffs of ALL IT Hypermarket working hard to make sure the success for this event.

Your friendly neighborhood Kenneth Lim from ALL IT Hypermarket is here as well.

Ahmad Fadhlullah Suhaimi, better known as lengchai86 by the overclocking community, is a renown overclocker is here once again to show you how overclocking is done.

The affordable fully unlocked Intel Pentium G3258, great choice to getting yourself ready for the overclocking scene.

The same Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force used in the previous overclocking roadshow for extreme overclocking that involves extreme cooling solution LN2.

And our local pride, the Benchcase from Vector! If you're interested in getting one, you'll know where to get it - Vector's Official Facebook Page

A line up of Gigabyte's latest gaming series motherboards on display, well except for ITX form factor, but we've received info that their gaming series motherboard in ITX form factor is coming pretty soon!

Special guest of the day, our local ESport star Mushi!

Business Consultant of ALL IT Hypermarket, Ronald Ruffner giving his speech and warm welcome to all the participants.

Vahn from Vector introducing the latest product, Vector Bench Case. 

Lengchai giving his brief introduction on what's overclocking and why do people overclock their hardware.

Vahn is doing the narration while Lengchai demonstrates how simple overclocking is done.

The serious look of unequalteck ...

Alpha Male of making his appearance 

Amil of came to show his support and passion for overclocking.

Shah from OCDrift is here for the showdown as well!

With that look on his face, he's telling us that overclocking is serious business.

Time to get serious, release the Kraken!

Liquid nitrogen filled flask, -196°C that is enough to freeze anything dipped into it - only do this under the supervision of those who are trained to handle such chemical.

Once the liquid nitrogen is filled into the pot, the system is ready to rock!

As the liquid nitrogen evaporates very fast, it has to be refilled constantly and unequalteck assists in refilling the LN2 pot.

Neo (left) and Alex (right) giving the system a try.

Special guess of the day, Mushi greets the attendee of the overclocking roadshow.

Mushi taking photos with ther attendee with a Gigabyte shirt signed by Mushi himself.

Cudo Technologies, Vector, Gigabyte, Mushi, ALL IT Hypermarket Staffs, thank you all for the effort in making this event a success!

We can see the faces of those who attended the previous overclocking roadshow at Digital Mall SS14 Petaling Jaya. Good to see you guys showing this much of passion in overclocking events, it's your turn to shine!