August 12, 2014

Event Coverage: ALL IT Hypermarket Overclocking Roadshow, Digital Mall SS14, Petaling Jaya

By: Low Chern Lin

Be it processor, Graphics card, RAM etc, PC enthusiasts around the world has been overclocking their hardware for extra performance without having to spend extra money on specific hardware that runs slightly faster but cost an extra buck. While some are eager to step into the world of hardware overclocking, myths of hardware damage due to overclocking causes some to back out from further exploring the fun. It is true that you may damage your hardware this way, but that is due to improper overclocking method. 

In collaboration with Gigabyte Malaysia, ALL IT Hypermarket has put on an effort to break the ice with the Overclocking Roadshow, showing you how overclocking is done with air cooling, water cooling and extreme sub zero liquid nitrogen cooling.

Arriving at Digital Mall SS14, Petaling Jaya, we're ready for the Overclocking Roadshow!

We arrived just a little earlier, waiting for the event to start. The Gigabyte display setup looks really good, interested to own something similar?

Another eye catching setup which appears to be a test bench with a rather familiar logo, any guess of the name of this new product from Vector?

Now that's an interesting setup, a liquid nitrogen cooled (yet to be cooled) for extreme overclocking.

A line up of Gigabyte's motherboards, featuring the latest G1 Gaming series, G1 Sniper Series and the  budget friendly entry level motherboards.

Kenneth Lim from ALL IT Hypermarket  welcoming the crowd to the Overclocking Roadshow and delivering his speech on the agenda of the event.

Welcoming Vahn Hew from Vector sharing his thoughts on what overclocking is all about, following with the introduction of the new product, the Bench Case. You might wanna drop them a message if you're interested in getting one!

Ahmad Fadhlullah Suhaimi, better known as lengchai86 by the overclocking community, is a renown overclocker and it's great to have a master here to demonstrate how overclocking is done! 

Starting off with the fully unlocked Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition G3258, lengchai introduced the elements involved the proper tweaking method for a safe and fun overclocking, featuring the Gigabyte OC Tuner as the performance tuning software used for this overclocking session. 

A quick run on SuperPi benchmark is done before and after overclocking is done to show the difference in performance.

Explaining the effect on temperature when the processor is overclocked, the faster it runs, the more power it needs and hence, giving more heat output.

Answered the questions from participants and giving his advice.

The flask is filled with liquid Nitrogen that with the temperature of -196°C that will freezes almost anything that is dipped into it, ouch.

While lengchai is getting ready things ready, Vahn explained the types of cooling solutions available to the participants.

lengchai showing some equipment used and its function to assist in this cooling solutions.

Pouring the liquid Nitrogen into the LN2 Pot...

The LN2 pot instantly freezes the moment it touches the liquid Nitrogen, it's now -150°C and the system is ready to rock.

As he mentioned earlier, the CPU running on this test system isn't a good chip, but 5.8GHz is still an impressive result to achieve. 

An enthusiastic participant voicing out his opinions and questions.

As the event ends, the first 20 participants received a goodie bag as a token of appreciation from Gigabyte Malaysia and ALL IT Hypermarket.

That's all for our quick coverage on the ALL IT Hypermarket Overclocking Roadshow, Digital Mall SS14, Petaling Jaya. If you've missed this session, have no fear as there will be another session going on this Sunday 2.00 pm at ALL IT Hypermarket located at 3rd floor, Plaza Low Yat!