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July 31, 2014

Unboxing & Review: Bitfenix Neos

By: Low Chern Lin

When you're building a PC on a tight budget, some would disregard the type of chassis they'd get until the end after they have decided on the internal parts. Quite often, they'll be scratching their heads on which to buy with the little budget that's left that they would have to sacrifice quality and design. Well, thanks to the folks at BitFenix, the Neos is here to address those very issues.

A big thanks to the folks at BitFenix and Inter-Asia Technology for the star of today's article. Let's take a look at BitFenix's take at the budget chassis scene. SRP for the Neos is RM169 for the non-window version and additional RM10 for the window version.

July 30, 2014

Graphics Card Upgrade Featuring The Asus GeForce GTX670 DirectCU II Mini

By: Clement Thien

If you have been an ardent follower of Tech-Critter.Com you might remember when I did a Plug & Play test with the Sapphire HD7850 2GB a while back to show what kind of performance you'd get in an outdated PC. So today, we'll do another one in pretty much the same PC, but this time it'll be with the Asus GeForce GTX670 DirectCU II Mini. Should be interesting I'd say to keep you readers happy.

As I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible, I'll be comparing stock speeds of the cards in a stock speed system. This is so that evryone can do this and that we can see what difference it makes if we just plug in a new component; particularly useful for those who are not really used to tweaking their PC.

Graphics Card(s) Tested:

Sapphire HD7850 2GB

This version of the HD7850 from Sapphire did not have the label "Dual-X" and is one of the very first batch to hit the Malaysian shores way back then. This was a budget-friendly powerhouse with great price/performance ratio that has made it a very good choice amongst mid-range cards. If it were to be compared performance wise to the current generation of GPUs (as at July 2014) it would be slightly more powerful than the AMD R7 260X / nVidia GTX750Ti and just under the AMD R7 265 and valued at about RM400 in the used market.

Asus GeForce GTX670 DirectCU II Mini

The GTX670 DCU II Mini is designed to fit smaller systems, especially with the boom of small form factor (SFF) gaming platforms in recent times. Though small, this GPU packs the same GK104 as it's bigger compatriots and is actually a mid to high-end card in it's time. Today, it would be comparable to the nVidia GTX760 / AMD R9 270X and priced at RM750 to RM800 depending on where you're getting it from.

Test Setup / tools:

Since we've just recently completed a review on the Silverstone Raven 04 with a working system, this test will be conducted using the chassis rather than having to shift all of our components out again.

System Specification:
AMD PhenomII 710 X3
Gelid Solutions The Black Edition CPU cooler
Asus M4N785TD-V Evo
Kingston Value RAM 1333Mhz 2GB x4
Seagate SSHD 1TB
WD Caviar Blue 1TB
Huntkey ASPC 700W PSU
Silverstone Raven 04 Chassis
Dell S2009W1600x900 resolution

As you can see, the hardware isn't exactly new, and has been around with me for about 6 years now. Needless to say, some of you may be still rocking the same hardware and itching for an upgrade as well, but hold that thought for a moment and see if just changing the GPU will be enough.

MSI Afterburner V3.0.0
Driver versions:
  • nVidia 337.88
  • AMD 13.12 
Performance Test

Unigine Heaven 4.0

In this synthetic benchmark, the GTX670 did very well though it didn't reach 60fps, it's still faster than the HD7850 by about 40%.
Unigene Valley 1.0

Unigine Valley is another benchmark tool from Unigine which again we see the GTX670 edging out the HD7850, which wasn't doing so bad to begin with at all.


Grid2 is a seriously fun racing game, the HD7850 was actually playable but having the GTX670 in the system made the gameplay better and smoother at higher settings averaging out at 60fps without dipping below the 30fps mark.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is also playable on the HD7850 and while the GTX670 is doing better, it's not exactly as ground-breaking this time like it did in Grid 2, only averaging out at about 43fps, no more than 10fps better than the HD7850.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Last but not least, the latest instalment of the Assassins Creed series, Black Flag. If you're a fan of the franchise, you're in luck as the upgrade we made boosted the game from unplayable to playable. Yes well it didn't hit 60fps at the average mark but it is an overall improvement of more than 60% over the HD7850. 


As expected, the GTX670 does trump the HD7850 being the superior card, more on some tests and not so on others. In short, yes it does give you the performance boost when one simply plug in a more powerful GPU especially if you're looking forward to playing the latest titles like Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag that changes from laggy to playable. Bear in mind that the settings are cranked all the way up, which means that you could get better fps by lowering some details on both cards, but the upgrade is definitely a step up in performance despite the the older CPU to begin with.

So before any of you decide to decide to change everything or buy a new PC just to play games, changing up the GPU might be the only upgrade you'll need to achieve just that.

July 29, 2014

HyperX OC Takeover Far East Qualifiers Ready to Kick off

By: Low Chern Lin

Hsinchu, Taiwan – July 29, 2014 – HyperX®, a division of Kingston Technology, the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the Far East Qualifiers of HyperX OC Takeover (HOT), the extreme overclocking competition, is ready to kick off in August. Three best overclockers from Far East will win tickets to the World Finals with an all-expense paid trip to CES in Las Vegas, and compete for the $15,000 prize pool.

The qualifiers will last for a month and will be divided into 3 benchmarks, including MaxxMem Read Bandwidth, SuperPi 32M, and Intel XTU. Any member1 of HWBOT can join the competition simply by summiting your scores online. Mid-contest benchmark leaders in each category will be announced at the end of week 2 and each of them will win a product bundle2.  The final result and the top 3 finalists will be announced onSeptember 5 (GMT -7) on HyperX official website and HWBOT website.

In addition to the competition, two lucky winners will be selected at the end of week 1 and week 3 (one winner at each week), and each winner will win the product bundlealso.

Following the Far East qualifier, there would be European Qualifier in September and North American Qualifier in October. Total of Ten finalists around the world will ultimately compete in the HyperX OC Takeover (HOT) World Finals to be held during International CES 2015. Full details can be found on here.

HyperX has long devoted to the overclocking communities and achieved the memory overclocking world record back in June. GIGABYTE overclockers “HiCookie” and “Sofos1990” achieved the world’s fastest memory frequency of 4620MHz by using one 4GB HyperX Predator 2933MHz DDR3 module (not yet available) on GIGABYTE’s Z97-SOC FORCE LN2 motherboard. The true, live frequency was accurately read via oscilloscope, monitored by an official HWBOT representative, and then submitted on Overclockers who want to see the world record can view the entire process on video here and here.

HyperX is the high-performance product division of Kingston Technology encompassing high-speed DDR3 memory, SSDs, USB Flash drives, and headsets. Targeted at gamers, overclockers and enthusiasts, HyperX is known throughout the world for quality, performance and innovation. HyperX is committed to eSports as it sponsors over 20 teams globally and is the main sponsor of Intel Extreme Masters. HyperX can be found at many shows including China JoyPAXDavao Cyber Expo, and TGS & Big Fest

For more information visit the HyperX home page.

HyperX OC Takeover Far East Qualifiers Schedule: (all times are GMT-7)
  • Week 1: August 1, 2014 11:00 AM to August 8, 2014 10:59 AM
  • Week 2: August 8, 2014 11:00 AM to August 15, 2014 10:59 AM
  • Week 3: August 15, 2014 11:00 AM to August 22, 2014 10:59 AM
  • Week 4: August 22, 2014 11:00 AM to August 29, 2014 10:59 AM
1 Employees (either full-time or part-time) of any motherboard, memory or processor manufacturers are not eligible for the contest.
2 Prize bundle includes HyperX Predator DDR3-2800 8GB Kit of 2, HyperX 3K SSD 240GB, GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC FORCE, and GELID GC-EXTREME 10G.

July 24, 2014

2 in 1 Reasons to Celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri with Intel®

By: Low Chern Lin

Work, play and connect with loved ones this festive season on Intel’s latest 2 in 1 devices

KUALA LUMPUR, July 23, 2014 – After a month of fasting and reflection, there is nothing more enjoyable or rewarding than looking forward to reuniting with long lost friends and family during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Marking the end of the month of Ramadhan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri as celebrated in Malaysia is a festival synonymous with the seeking of forgiveness for past transgressions, open houses, duit raya as well as feasts of scrumptious delicacies including rendang and ketupat .

Though a festival with generally much to look forward to, there are also plenty of other associations of the unpleasant variety awaiting Malaysians – horrendous traffic snarls caused by the annual balik kampung exodus in the days before and immediately after Hari Raya, long hours on the road in the car with very little to do except stare at the scenery going by and so on and so forth. And then there are those unfortunate Malaysians unable to even make the arduous trek back home to their loved ones for unavoidable reasons such as health concerns, work situations or simply being abroad.

Fortunately, mobile devices including smartphones and tablets have provided consumers with the means to not only get around unavoidable unpleasantness but also make already enjoyable experiences even more joyful and fun. Thanks to the latest advances in microprocessor technology and form factor design, the latest devices available in the market today give everyone the freedom and flexibility to play, connect and work whenever, wherever and with whomever they want.

Portability and Battery Life - Take Whatever You're Doing on the Go
Some 1.5 million vehicles a day* are expected to surge through the nation’s highways and main roads in the days leading up to and immediately after Hari Raya Aidilfitri be it back to their hometowns or whilst visiting relatives in distant locations. While traffic congestions are in themselves taxing enough, imagine having to make the journey with a car full of fidgety young ones with very little else to do.

Parents can opt to keep their children occupied with a 2 in 1 device which offers all the functionalities a desktop PC has to offer along with the portability of a tablet. There are plenty of interactive apps parents can use to interact with their children be it through various entertaining and educational games or even videos. 

A 2 in 1 device powered by a 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processor is the ultimate device for power and portability thanks to its processor – making multi-tasking a breeze and delivering amazing battery life. With these features, 2 in 1 devices are capable of helping to distract and entertain, soothe frazzled nerves and make festive travel that much more bearable.

Location, location, location
Your 2 in 1 device may be the Ultrabook you need and the tablet you want. The Ultrabook experience allows you to take your productivity mobile, whether you are working on the go, catching up with long lost friends, or just getting away from it all. Converting or detaching as a tablet, 2 in 1s also give you the freedom and convenience to search for traffic updates, play games or watch video on the go. For highly mobile workers who just can’t resist sneaking in a bit of work even while on holiday, 2 in 1s are great for maximizing productivity anywhere.

A 2 in 1 device is ready to work, rest or play in any environment. Whether in the car, on the highway, at a rest stop or having fun at your parents’ house with your nephews, nieces and other family members, your 2 in 1 device can transform in any environment to give you instant access at the touch of a screen to all of your content.

No compromise on storage
Tablet devices may have limited memory storage. Whilst 16GB might be ample for a library of music and a couple of movies, you will probably need a lot more storage space for all those photographs and home videos of your favorite nieces and nephews. 2 in 1 devices generally have similar storage capacity as laptops but still offer you the portability and convenience of a tablet. This not only means that you can capture images and videos as you go; you can also edit and share them online with distant friends and family who couldn’t make it back home - all on one powerful device!

Get in-touch with your content
Touchscreens are a standard feature on 2 in 1 devices. Using a touchscreen adds an extra layer of interactivity with the technology and helps to navigate content and the device itself in a more intuitive way.

The main benefit of having a touchscreen on a 2 in 1 device is that you can decide ‘on the fly’ if it’s a job that is touch intensive or type intensive. So for instance, if you’re playing a game with your bored child on the commute home or watching a video on Youtube with your cousins, you can choose to convert your device to tablet mode for ease of use. Surfing social media sites or watching online content is a breeze in tablet mode. The light form factor and rotating screen make it easy to hold in virtually any position whilst the touch capabilities allow them to zoom in and out and instantly click through on any content.

Otherwise, if you’re editing photographs before sharing them on your social media accounts or sneaking in a bit of work while your family is distracted, you can use your 2 in 1 device as a fully functional laptop. With a click, flick or fold (depending on what style of 2 in 1 device you have) your 2 in 1 device instantly transforms in to a fully fledge PC powerhouse, giving you full PC functionality and powerful performance to assist with the most complex assignments.

As long as you remember to wipe the lemang grease from your fingertips, you’ll be good to go in just a swish and a flick. 

July 23, 2014

Kingston Ships Large Capacity Near 1TB SSD - Large 960GB Capacity Allows To Migrate Entire Hard Drive

By: Low Chern Lin

Hsinchu, Taiwan – July 22, 2014 –Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products, today announced its latest addition to the SSDNow V300 series, the V310. The Kingston® SSDNow V310 solid-state drive dramatically boosts system responsiveness while also offering 960GB capacity to store all movies, music, games, files and applications.

The new SSDNow V310 is 10x faster than a 7200RPM hard-disk drive1 as a result of the Phison 3108 controller and 450MB/s read and write speeds2. With no moving mechanical parts, SSDNow V310 is shock-proof, uses less energy and stays cool making it more reliable and less likely to fail than standard hard-disk drives. The large capacity of the SSDNow V310 allows enough space for a true HDD replacement so users can migrate their entire hard drive over with storage to spare.

“Since 2009, our V ‘Value’ series solid-state drives have delivered the best price to performance ratio as possible to enable consumers on a budget or entry-level users to experience the benefits of SSD technology. Our new V310 continues that along with providing the biggest capacity ever in a Kingston SSD,” said Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston. “SSDNow V310 with its large 960GB capacity is the perfect upgrade to an existing system as it improves boot speeds and application load times helping maximize one’s computer investment.”

SSDNow V310 is available in 960GB as a stand-alone drive or as all-in-one kits that include all the accessories needed plus software to clone files and OS to make for an easy install. SSDNow V310 is backed by a three-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

Kingston SSDNow V310 Features and Specifications:
  • Faster: improves speed of loading applications and system boot up
  • Reliable: with no moving parts, solid-state drives are less likely to fail than standard hard drives
  • Convenient: all-in-one kits with all the components for easy installation
  • Large capacity: enough space to migrate your entire HDD over to a SSD
  • Form factor: 2.5-inch drive available in 7.0mm with adapter to fit in 9.5mm systems
  • Silent: runs silent and cool
  • Interface: SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0
  • Capacities: 960GB
  • Compressible Data Transfer (ATTO) 450MB/s Read and 450MB/s Write
  • Incompressible Data Transfer (AS-SSD and CrystalDiskMark) 500MB/s Read and 440MB/s Write
  • IOMETER Maximum Random 4k Read/Write 40,000 IOPS and 20,000 IOPS
  • Random 4k Read/Write 27,000 IOPS and 10,500 IOPS
  • PCMARK® 8 Storage Bandwidth Score 4,700
  • Power Consumption: 0.08 W Idle / 1.28 W Avg/ 1.16 W (MAX) Read / 5.39 W (MAX) Write
  • Storage temperature: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Operating temperature: 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C)
  • Dimensions : 69.8mm x 100.1mm x 7mm
  • Weight: 92.5g
  • Vibration operating: 2.17G Peak (7–800Hz)
  • Vibration non-operating: 20G Peak (10–2000Hz)
  • Life expectancy: 1 million hours MTBF
  • Warranty/support: 3-year warranty with free technical support
  • Total Bytes Written (TBW): 2,728TB 2.56DWPD

Package Contents

o   Desktop Upgrade Kit
§  3.5" bracket & mounting screws
§  SATA data & power cables
§  Hard drive cloning software (CD)5
§  Installation video (DVD)

o   Notebook Upgrade Kit
§  2.5" USB enclosure
§  Hard drive cloning software (CD)5
§  Installation video (DVD)
§  7mm to 9.5mm adapter

o   Desktop/Notebook Upgrade Kit
§  2.5" USB enclosure
§  3.5" bracket & mounting screws
§  SATA data & power cables
§  Hard drive cloning software (CD)5
§  Installation video (DVD)
§  7mm to 9.5mm adapter

Kingston SSDNow V310
Part Number
Capacity and Features
SSDNow V310 Stand-Alone Drive
SSDNow V310 Desktop Upgrade Kit7
SSDNow V310 Notebook Upgrade Kit7
SSDNow V310 Desktop/Notebook Upgrade Kit

July 22, 2014

be quiet! first PC chassis is named as Silent Base 800!

By: Low Chern Lin

When be quiet! announce has their first nameless PC chassis during Computex 2014 held in Taipei, many were wondering what kind of name will be quiet! come up with for their first PC chassis. And today, be quiet! has finally announce its name - Enter the be quiet! Silent Base 800!

July 21, 2014

Unboxing & Review: Silverstone Raven 04

By: Clement Thien

The Raven series from Silverstone are some of the best chassis that most PC builders would love to have. Right from RV01 to RV03, the Raven series have sported 90-degree mounting for the motherboard tray that encourages heat dissipation through the top vents; This time however, they've opted for an inverted motherboard tray.

Thanks to Silverstone Malaysia and Inter-Asia Technology for the provision of our Silverstone RV04 sample. Retailing at RM589 SRP, lets take a look at how the RV04 stacks up against it's older siblings.

July 18, 2014

ASUS Announces H97-Pro Gamer Gaming Motherboard

By: Low Chern Lin

ATX motherboard speeds up gamers’ fun with M.2 and SATA Express connectivity,
Intel Gigabit Ethernet networking, and exclusive GameFirst II,
SupremeFX  audio and Sonic Radar II technologies

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (18th July, 2014) — ASUS today announced immediate availability of the H97-Pro Gamer here in Malaysia. The new ATX motherboard speeds up gamers’ fun with 10Gibt/s M.2 and SATA Express connectivity, Intel® Gigabit Ethernet and exclusive GameFirst ll networking technology.

H97-Pro Gamer additionally benefits from exclusive SupremeFX for unrivalled in-game audio and exclusive Sonic Radar ll technology to lend players a stealthy advantage in first-person-shooter (FPS) games.

The new motherboard also includes ASUS Gamer’s Guardian, a collection of components hand-chosen for exceptional safety, durability and performance to protect gamers’ backs.

Faster gaming networking
H97-Pro Gamer’s networking is powered by Intel Gigabit Ethernet. This has the advantage of communicating directly with Intel processors to offer exceptionally-high Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) throughput, lowering overall processing demands and improving efficiency — releasing more power for games and gameplay. Using independent network-assessment tools, ASUS engineers calculated that Intel Gigabit Ethernet deals with the UDP data packets that are vital for responsive gaming up to two times (2X) faster than competing gaming-LAN technologies.

H97-Pro Gamer also has GameFirst II, an ASUS-exclusive traffic-shaping technology that reduces lag even further by prioritizing game-related data. Tests by ASUS engineers show that latency is greatly reduced — ping times are up to eight times (8X) faster with GameFirst II enabled. The EZ Mode lets users take advantage of low-latency gaming, with no need for expert knowledge.

Quicker gaming storage
H97-Pro Gamer has the fastest storage connectivity in the shape of SATA Express and M.2. SATA Express provides data-transfer speeds of up to 10Gbit/s from two PCI Express 2.0 lanes, ready for the next generation of super-fast SSDs and enabling H97-Pro Gamer players to speed up their game storage.
The new motherboard also has a built-in M.2 socket with two native PCI Express 2.0 lanes for data-transfer speeds of up to 10Gbit/s, so H97-Pro Gamer owners can choose their preferred method to speed up both storage and gameplay.

Superior gaming audio
H97-Pro Gamer players enjoy SupremeFX technology for near-lossless audio with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 115dB that enhances every sound detail. The advanced audio chipset is isolated from electromagnetic interference (EMI) by a protective shield, preserving the integrity of the audio signals. Exclusive ‘red-line shielding’ horizontally separates SupremeFX audio components from the rest of the motherboard. This unique combination effectively eliminates analog interference to ensure flawless sound quality. Premium ELNA® audio capacitors are added to the mix to deliver a warmer, natural sound to complete the audio experience.

SupremeFX also has a built-in amplifier that drives high-quality headphones — all the way up to 300ohm impedance — for sound quality that’s as great as a dedicated sound card.

H97-Pro Gamer also includes Sonic Radar II, an ASUS-exclusive technology that displays a stealthy overlay showing the precise direction and origin of in-game sounds. This helps players to hone their enemy-pinpointing skills and giving them the edge in FPS games.

Exceptional durability
H97-Pro Gamer is engineered with high-quality, highly-durable components for exceptional real-world protection. We call these components ASUS Gamer’s Guardian.

Gamer’s Guardian includes onboard resettable fuses that protect the connection ports and DRAM against overcurrent and short-circuit damage, while exceptionally high-quality, Japanese-made 10K black-metallic capacitors offer greater temperature endurance and improved lifespans.
Gamer’s Guardian ESD Guards on the USB ports, audio connectors and Ethernet (LAN) port ensure that H97-Pro Gamer is actively protected against sudden electrostatic discharge (ESD). The result is that the components last much longer.

H97-Pro Gamer also has the ASUS-exclusive DIGI+ voltage-regulator module (VRM) to enhance performance, increase efficiency and ensure reliability, and a stainless-steel back input/output (I/O) panel that’s chromium-plated and  corrosion-resistant to last up to three times (3X) longer than traditional panels.

The release of H97-Pro Gamer will commence immediately, priced at RM 459. 

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced the Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs

By: Low Chern Lin

ROG’s Z97 ATX gaming motherboard is engineered with exclusive CrossChill Copper hybrid cooling, flawless SupremeFX Formula 2014 audio, double-sided ROG Armor covers and Watch Dogs game bundle

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (18th July, 2014) — ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the immediate availability of the Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs here in Malaysia. The Z97 chipset-based ATX gaming motherboard is ready for the latest 4th-, new 4th- and 5th-generation Intel® Core™ processors — codenamed ‘Haswell’, ‘Haswell Refresh’, ‘Haswell Refresh K-Series’ (‘Devil's Canyon’) and ‘Broadwell’ — and engineered with many new and exclusive ROG game-boosting features.

The Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs supports dual-channel up to DDR 3300+ (OC) memory, and quad-GPU SLI™ and 3-way CrossFireX™ for gaming rigs with multiple graphics-processing units (multi-GPU). The new motherboard series also includes two SATA Express and ten SATA 3.0 connectors, as well as eight USB 3.0 and six USB 2.0 ports.
Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs delivers the best gaming hybrid-cooling solution with CrossChill Copper, the best gaming audio with SupremeFX Formula 2014 and the best gaming networking with Intel Gigabit Ethernet, GameFirst III and LANGuard. The new motherboard also has the best gaming power solution with Extreme Engine DIGI+ III and TrueVolt 5V, and the best gaming protection with ROG Armor, premium components, ESD Guards and a multitude of DIY-friendly design innovations.

Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs is pre-fitted with mPCIe Combo III + 802.11ac / Bluetooth 4.0, a compact connectivity module that delivers the latest wireless technologies along with mini PCI Express (mPCIe) and M.2 (10Gbit/s PCIe x2 and 6Gbit/s SATA) slots.

Best gaming hybrid cooling
The best gaming performance means keeping cool, so ROG has equipped Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs with the all-new and exclusive CrossChill Copper hybrid-cooling solution. CrossChill Copper is engineered around a highly-conductive, corrosion-resistant copper cooling channel that’s incredibly effective at removing heat.

Whether using air or liquid, CrossChill Copper’s broad array of internal fins maximize the cooling channel’s heat-dissipation surface area for extreme thermal efficiency. With liquid, MOSFET temperatures are lowered by up to 23˚C and the G1/4-inch threaded fittings mean that Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs offers maximum compatibility for existing cooling setups — just fit the barbs, attach the pipes and it’s good to go.

Best gaming audio
Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs introduces SupremeFX Formula 2014, the integrated-audio solution that’s as great as a dedicated sound card. Cutting-edge isolation technologies minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and exceptionally-premium components deliver best-in-class audio, with an outstanding 120dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and Cirrus Logic® CS4398 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) available via the rear output.

From the stylish black nickel EMI cover and warmth-suffusing ELNA® and WIMA® film capacitors to the high-fidelity Texas Instruments LM4562 operational amplifier that drives up to 600ohm-impedance headphones via the rear output, every part of SupremeFX Formula 2014 is engineered for the purest audio clarity. SupremeFX Formula 2014 also includes exclusive Sonic SenseAmp technology to automatically detect analog-audio front-panel (AAFP) headphone impedance and adjust the built-in amp, while Sonic SoundStage applies the best audio settings for popular game genres and Sonic Studio enables brilliant 7.1-channel virtual surround sound with just one click.

Best gaming networking
Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs is also fitted with state-of-the-art Intel Gigabit Ethernet that delivers better throughput with lower processing power for superior speed and increased efficiency. The new motherboard’s networking capabilities additionally benefit from ROG-exclusive GameFirst III technology for no-delay gameplay. This advanced network-optimization software assigns top priority to game-data packets, allocating them more bandwidth to ensure the best online gaming experience and clear, stutter-free online team-chat — all controlled with ROG’s usual intuitive flair.

ROG has even reinvented the RJ45 socket, with LANGuard. Advanced signal-coupling technology and premium surface-mounted capacitors improve throughput, while surge-protected and electrostatically-guarded components (ESD Guards) protect against lightning strikes and static-electricity discharges.

Best gaming power solution
Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs’ Extreme Engine DIGI+ III voltage-regulator module (VRM) with exceptionally-premium components ensures ultra-stable power delivery, no matter how demanding the action is.

NexFET MOSFETs deliver up to 90% efficiency in normal operation; they’re also more durable and half the size of standard MOSFETs. 60A BlackWing chokes serve up power with minimal loss and at very low temperatures, while Japanese-made 10K black metallic capacitors last five-times (5X) longer and deliver 20%-greater endurance at extreme temperatures than generic capacitors — ensuring that Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs is able to withstand even the hardest of hardcore gaming. 

TrueVolt 5V technology delivers a rock-steady 5V supply to both the front and back USB sockets — with no drop-outs. All connected equipment benefits from a clean 5V supply, assuring great compatibility and added protection for USB devices.

Best gaming protection
Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs is brimming with some brilliantly innovative features to protect both gamers and their gaming gear. Exclusive ROG Armor is a two-part fortification that compromises a strong and stylish ABS-plastic cover and a SECC (steel, electro-galvanized, cold-rolled coil) backplate. The ABS cover blocks heat from the graphics card, lowering system temperatures for better performance; and the SECC backplate supports the motherboard to prevent bending, employing thermal pads to efficiently conduct heat away from crucial components.

Q-Slot makes it easy to secure or release a graphics card, while the black nickel-coated Q-Shield protects hands from nicks and cuts. Similarly, Q-DIMM’s one-sided clips means handling memory modules is a cinch, and resettable fuses provide DRAM over-current protection that minimizes the chance of short-circuit damage to memory and connection ports. Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs even has a stainless-steel back input/output (I/O) panel that lasts up to three-times (3X) longer than traditional panels.

The release of ROG Maximus VII Formula/Watch Dogs will commence immediately, priced at RM 1,720. 

Unboxing & Review: Aztech DSL8800GR(S) Wireless-N Dual Band Concurrent Gigabit Router With Built-in ADSL2+ Modem

By: Low Chern Lin

As a TM Unifi subscriber ourselves, we find that modem router provided is only sufficient for most general use and limited amount of users. Whenever the devices connected to the modem router exceeded its limit ( 5 device in our case ), other devices might experience slow down in download and upload speed or worse, unable to connect to the internet.

We believe that we're not the only that has such experience and getting a 3rd party modem router is the alternative that has been used by majority of those who experienced the same issue. In today's review, we have the Aztech DSL8800GR(S) Wireless-N dual band gigabit modem router in courtesy of Aztech Malaysia. The Aztech DSL8800GR(S) is retailed at RM 319.00, so let's check out if it's a worthy investment for a better experience with your internet speed.

July 13, 2014

Unboxing & Review: Deck Hassium Pro Mechanical Keyboard

By: Low Chern Lin

Deck has been around for in the mechanical keyboard scene for quite a long time and known to be one of the early adopters of LED backlit mechanical keyboard. Their Deck Legend is one of the premium collectibles for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. 

Our greatest appreciation to Cudo Technologies for the review samples and given opportunity for today's review. Now that's enough with the introduction and let us proceed to the unboxing and review of the Deck Hassium Pro!

July 11, 2014

Unboxing & Review: CM Storm Resonar Gaming Earphone

By: Clement Thien

We've seen a lot of peripherals coming from Cooler Master over these few years under their CM Storm badge that has quite the range. We got a small unboxing to do today with the latest CM Storm Resonar Gaming Earphone. 

Big thanks to Cooler Master Malaysia for getting us the sample before the official launch day, the Resonar will be available in retail stores soon for RM179 SRP. With that said, let's take a look at the actual product at hand.

July 10, 2014

Unboxing & Review: Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i

By: Low Chern Lin

CM Storm started off with their Quickfire Rapid back then and in success, received numerous praises for its excellent built quality and value as it is built by the very same manufacturer for Filco, but cost less than RM300. 

If you've been following CM Storm with their product updates, there will be an upcoming replacement for the Quickfire Rapid which known as the Quickfire Rapid-i. Making its d├ębut as CM Storm's first backlit tenkeyless mechanical keyboard and it comes with NKRO over USB support that allows you to press every keys at the same time without having to worry about the infamous keyboard ghosting issue.

We thank Cooler Master for sending us a sample unit of the Quickfire Rapid-i here today which makes this unboxing and review possible. The Quickfire Rapid-i will be available in our local Malaysian market this August retailing at RM399. With no further adieu, let us proceed and check out if this is a worthy investment for the mechanical keyboard lovers.

July 09, 2014

Unboxing & Review: ROCCAT Syva

By: John Diew

ROCCAT Syva - 01

Introducing ROCCAT Syva

The Syva – High Performance In-ear Headset is the result of the exceptional style and quality ROCCAT™ is renowned for. If you're a smartphone- or notebook-user, an avid music listener and an out-and-out hardcore gamer, the Syva's got your back – delivering top class audio in every case.

Looking for a portable headset that works on your PC as well as your smartphone? read on for our thoughts on this headset.

SRP for ROCCAT Syva is MYR139.

July 07, 2014

Unboxing & Review: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3

By: Low Chern Lin

It used to be perceived that a powerful PC is a noisy PC, which is true considering the weather conditions in Malaysia (imagine late spring all year round). This should be worse in an overclocked system where people strap huge chunks of metal with multiple fans roaring to dispel the heat. Well, the folks at be quiet! have a different idea.

Shipping us their Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler to prove a point, this 250W TDP rated air cooler is one of their high-end-German-engineered products that emphasizes on silence (hence the name be quiet!) without sacrificing performance. 

Huge thanks to be quiet! for providing the sample that made this review possible, the Dark Rock Pro 3 is available for $89.99 USD (approximately RM287) from newegg, NCIX and Amazon. With that said, lets jump right into the unboxing! 

Unboxing & Review: Deepcool Gamer Storm Lucifer CPU Cooler

By: Low Chern Lin

A modern day PC is very much different to what it was, beige boxes have been replaced with aesthetic pleasing chassis of various shapes and colours, but what of the internal components? Luckily everything from RAMs, motherboards and even CPU coolers have followed suit to improve the outlook of the PC as well.

Which brings us to today's unboxing of the Gamer Storm Lucifer CPU cooler by DeepCool. Thank you DeepCool for providing the sample for this article. The Lucifer is priced approximately around RM169 in the local Malaysian market; I promise that this is one handsome looking CPU cooler so do stay in your seats and read on!

July 05, 2014

Unboxing & Review: ASUS MX279H Designo Series LCD Monitor

By: Low Chern Lin

In the world of computing, ASUS is a household name that is mostly related to graphics card, sound cards and maybe notebooks. In actual fact, ASUS have a plethora of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, networking devices, workstations etc. 

So today, we'll be taking a look at the ASUS's Designo Series LCD 27" Full HD AH-IPS LED-backlit and Frameless Monitor, the MX279H . The ASUS MX279H retails at RM1379 and it's a huge one to unbox so lets get to it!