June 18, 2014

Unboxing & Overview: Seasonic Platinum Series 860W Power Supply Unit

By: Clement Thien

It's been a while since we take a look at a Power Supply Unit (PSU) at Tech-Critter.Com, and what better way to come back to it other than going Platinum? hence I now present to you dear readers the Seasonic 860W 80+ Platinum as the main character for this article. 

If you're not familiar with the brand, Seasonic is a power conversion technology company that has been doing (and still are) OEM parts for many well-renowned brands such as Antec, Artic, Cooler Master or Be Quiet! to name a few. As far as I know, Seasonic's PSU is highly sought after by PC DIY-ers for their high-quality PSU units.

Priced at RM799 (SRP) the P860 is one serious hardware and also one of Seasonic's highest range of PSU available in their lineup. Huge thanks goes to Inter-Asia Technology and Seasonic for providing the review sample. 

Specs & Features

Starting with the specs, the P860 has a strong 12V lane that provides most of the power with 71-Amperage rating. This should ensure all your power-hungry components get enough juice to run properly.

Special features of the P860 as listed by Seasonic; the 7-year warranty shows how confident they are with the PSU. This should outlast a number of builds or upgrades before it'll give up the ghosts.


The P860 is packed inside a handsome box, no doubt platinum-coloured. The front featured a simple outlook with the back side of the P860 featured on the left side and the Platinum-series etched to the right. Note the branding as well as the 80+ Platinum rating at the top and the wattage is indicated at the bottom.

Turning to the back, you'll find descriptions of the innovative technology that goes into the PSU.

More pictures on the left side.

And on the right is where you get the specification of the PSU.

Greeting you when the box is opened is the owner' manual and a nylon pack at the side. The actual PSU is sandwiched between the soft foam.

Additionally, you get a nice felt-cloth bag to keep the PSU in pristine condition.

Bundled extras include some plastic cable ties, mounting screws, a case badge and a few reusable cable ties.

Looking at the nylon pouch, you actually have two compartments for you to manage the cables. Be mindful that this is a 860W PSU so you will have a lot of cables at hand; thankfully the P860 is modular so one does not need to plug in everything unless absolutely necessary.

And my oh my that's a lot of cables (thank you for being modular) notice that, except for the 24-pin, they are the flat/ribbon type which makes it easier to manage the cables behind the motherboard tray. Here is a list of what's at hand here:
You do have the power socket included as well even though it's not listed at the wire configuration table.

A closer look at the felt-cloth bag with the PSU inside.

Note that the bag is reusable.

The PSU 

The P860 is no larger than your standard PSU despite the high wattage rating. The finish on the surface is a matte black which deters fingerprints quite well. Looking at the fan intake, you get the classic honey-combed grill that is partially hiding the Sanyo Denki San Ace fan that's providing the cooling.

At the front of the P860 you'll see a plethora of connection points which should be sufficient to power most builds. The Hybrid fan control switch at the top right lets you change the PSU to operate in Hybrid mode or Normal mode. Enabling Hybrid mode will let the PSU operate fanless until the components reaches certain temperature which gives a quieter computing experience; though it's not that the P860 is loud at all.

You will find more honeycomb mesh at the back where the power switch and power socket is present.

One side of the P860 only has a simple Platinum Series branding on it while the other side has a sticker that depicts the specification along with a warning message in multiple languages.

Testing & Conclusion

The Seasonic P860 is installed into our M-Atx system and we were able to have all the components powered up and cables tucked neatly inside a BitFenix Phenom-M thanks to the modular cables. Plugging in the Asus GTX670 DcuII Mini into the system, we didn't encounter any power issues while gaming or stress testing the rig. Best of all is that the P860 stays silent throughout our test, especially when Hybrid mode is left on.

If there is anything preventing anyone from getting one is that a power supply of this calibre does not come cheap at RM799 (SRP); Good news is that Seasonic has a whole lineup of 80+ Platinum-rated PSU from 400W to 1200W priced reasonably according to wattage to cater for any user requirements that offers the same quality that one can expect from the Platinum series.

  • 80+ Platinum rating
  • Fully modular cable connection
  • Flat / Ribbon modular cables
  • Hybrid silent fan mode
  • 7-year warranty
  • Hefty pricetag
The Seasonic P860 is hence awarded the Tech-Critter Gold and Recommended badge.