March 05, 2014

Unboxing& Review - Gelid Solutions SpeedTouch 6 Fan Controller

By: Low Chern Lin

We're back again with another fan controller review and this time we have the SpeedTouch 6 Fan Controller from Gelid Solutions, great thanks to Gelid Solutions for providing us with this review unit to make this review possible. We've previously reviewed the Black Edition CPU Cooler from Gelid Solutions that comes as great value, features and reliability, the SpeedTouch 6 is pretty much of what we're expecting to be the same as well.

The MSRP for SpeedTouch 6 is at $39.99, which is a pretty decent price for a fan controller  especially one with a capacitive touch screen controls. Will great features and reliability comes along with great value for SpeedTouch 6? 


Auto Control Range:6.5V (25ºC or below) to 12V (50ºC or above)
Brightness (Levels):3
Control Modes:Automatic / Manual
Dimensions (mm):149mm (W) x 42mm (H) x 70mm (D)
Display ColorBlue
Fan Cable Length (mm):600
Fan Channel:6
Fan Connector:4 Pin (supports 3 Pin & 4 Pin Fan)
Form Factor:5.25" Drive Bay
Manual Control Range (V):5V to 12V
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Max. Wattage/ Fan Channel:30W / Channel
Mounting Screws:4
Power Interface:4 Pin Molex
Screen Size (mm):113 (W) x 26 (H)
Storage Temperature (ºC):-10ºC - 60ºC
Temperature Range (ºC):0ºC  - 100ºC
Temperature Sensor:6
Touch Screen Sensor:Capacitive Type
Voltage Input (V):5V & 12V
Warranty (years):2
Working Temperature (ºC):0ºC - 50ºC


The packaging is as simple as usual, as what we have expected from Gelid Solutions.

Pretty much all the details you should know is printed at the back of the packaging for the ease of reference.

What's included? A user's manual, a definitely must read especially for first timer who has never configured a fan controller in the past.

The included accessories: 
- 6 pieces of temperature sensors 
- 2 extra pieces of temperature sensors (in case if you only need 2 sensors)
- A piece of Gelid Solutions logo stickers
- Stickers for attaching the temperature sensors to a desired surface
- 4 Pin Molex cable, the power source for SpeedTouch 6
- 6 pieces of fan extension cables

Our first impression when SpeedTouch 6 came right out of the box - very solid to the touch, lots of fans can be played around with, elegant metal brushed front panel. 

The PCB is exposed and we can definitely see some serious QC going on - very clean soldering job, no burn marks on the PCB. Thumbs up for Gelid Solutions!

Here's your source of power, the large 3 pin connector is receiving power from the 4 pin Molex at the other end to power up the SpeedTouch 6.

The temperature sensors for temperature monitoring on each fan channel.
There's another cable with 6 temperature sensors, but we'll be using the 2 extra pieces for the ease of cable management.

The sensors is connected and ready to take some temperature reading.

The cable extension comes in handy when the cable of the fan you wish to control is out of reach. 

Each end of the extension cable comes with a label sticker, very useful to identify which channel your fans are connected to.

Once all the cables is in place, the SpeedTouch 6 is ready in action. The installation is pretty straight forward, you can either choose to go tool free (chassis dependent) or just do it the old school way  - screws.

After securing the SpeedTouch 6 to your 3.5' bay, place your temperature sensors at your desired location with the help of the included stickers and now you're good to go.

Here's how the screen for SpeedTouch 6 looks like upon successful installation, very simple & straight forward controls. 

Brief Introduction to the controls


Final Thoughts

Gelid Solutions SpeedTouch 6 is a great product in overall, but there's still some findings on the dark side that we would like to point out as well.

- Easy to install
- Supports up to 30W per channel, 3 times more than most brand with 10W max per channel.
- Supports up to 6 fan channel, 1 extra channel compared to most brand with 5 fan channel.
- Comes with 6+2 pieces of temperature sensors, most brand only support up to 5 sensors. 
- Full metal frame and metal brushed front panel
- Capacity touch screen
- Labeled sensors and fan extension cables for the ease of configuration
- Very reasonable price for the features offered

- There's some mounting issue with the screw holes that doesn't allow tool free mounting for certain brand of chassis.
- The only color for the screen is blue
- Doesn't comes with temperature alarm like some brands at the same price range has

The listed cons might have taken some points away, but the SpeedTouch 6 is still a well balanced fan controller in overall. Hence, the Gelid Solutions SpeedTouch 6 is awarded with our Tech Critter Silver Award.