November 03, 2013

PC Expo 2013 in a Nutshell

By: Clement Thien

We brave the crowd to see what's up at the PC Expo, a recurring event at Mid Valley, it attracts people looking for a bargain on some computer accessories. Despite it's name, the expo is a disappointment to true tech enthusiasts but this time, there are some promising prospects for the home PC in general. 

The throng of people at the entrance at 10am...

Exhibitors and the public makes for the numbers.

Young and old, they come.

Inspecting the layout of the PC Expo, not to worry, you won't get lost inside.

Occasionally, you get local beauties looking for bargains as well ;)

Families looking at "promotions"

Entrance for the exhibitors and was tight. Lucky for us, we got in to cover the booths before the rest of the people.

Avira greets us with a huge booth.

Dell and HP are not losing out.. the competition is tough.

The Deejay prepping his music...

The girls of Dell

HP with their lineup

AMD powered devices

Microsoft showcasing their latest OS on myriad of devices.

Sony is still believing

Thunder Match... selling mostly accessories...

Western Digital discussing their discounts

Acer in green

Lenovo with their PC and devices

Samsung... kinda disappointed they choose to feature devices instead of PC-related items, was hoping to see the new PLS monitors

Seagate with their latest lineup

She was fast, Posing for a shot at another Dell booth

Accessories galore!

A-One plus with their PC components

These people taught me how to pronounce A-One plus correctly :D

The peeps at Gramin ready to show the way!

Yes showcasing the chromebook

Buy 1 free 7? sounds fishy, gadgets galore? or gimmicks to bore? I don't even wanna go near that booth

Huawei devices, promising rivals to the likes of Samsung and Apple?

D-Link on networking...

and Aztech looking to compete

Avast antivirus for virus protection

Not too sure if Canon makes PC components

Fujifilm as well...

Powerbanks? Memory cards? Thumbdrive? MP3 player? you'll hear (and see) a lot of these as you pass by.

I dunno about believing but I'm sure these beauties deserve some coverage

Hoping people to say yes

Once you're through with the gadgets, be ready to be pelted.. well not really.. with offerings from ISPs

 P1 and U-mobile side by side

And yes.. the else will you afford more? but please watch your budget nonetheless

Speakers galore!! might be ready for some bass thumping

And finally... a booth for the true PC by Idealtech and stuff magazine. This is what defines PC Expo more than anything

Watercooled Gaming rig

A closer view in detail, the colossal titan?!

A mini-monster of a PC being photographed

The long wait has ended! The Bitfenix Prodigy M has landed on this very land and I'm pretty much sure that the second Prodigy wave is on it's way.

True gaming rigs of all shapes, sizes and configurations

A powerful gaming rig doesn't always has to be in colossal size, let the Silverstone FT03 Mini be its container.

Pure as snow, strong as a Yeti. Can you identify any of the components from this awesome looking Phantom rig?

The red devil strikes, paired with the NZXT Kraken X60 and those awesome red lighting, definitely eye catching.

My o' my, what do we have here?

It's the BifFenix Ronin which will be among the new member chassis from BifFenix landing at Malaysia.

Here's something that caught our attention, an eye candy which you don't get to see in real life size everyday - the Belladonna. And the poisonous glow? It's UV reactive substance which is being used for almost every water cooled system with a touch of UV glow. Pure awesomeness by Vector.

You don't call this a green monster for no reason, packed with a huge punch with the power of two Nvidia GTX 780 in SLI configuration which allows you to dominate almost every existing games available out there.

People of all backgrounds are entranced by these monsters

And yes you could try the beasts

Can I afford it? well that's the beauty of custom RIGs, they can customise to your budget ;)

A take at Street Fighter

The lost Shaolin Shadow Fist in action?

And the young surely enjoys the gaming experience.

Wait... haven't I seen you girls before?? looks like BitFenix attracts beauties as well

More gaming

Young and old they come to see what a real PC is

 Probably discussing mods already...

Headshot by the NPC?? or car crashed??


So yeah, the PC Expo have a lot of devices.. too many devices. One would feel pressured and tired from navigating the various booths looking for devices on offer. This year, it's more about power-banks since mobile devices are the new in-thing for the general public. But having so many of the same kind of booths is overwhelming and I will not blame anyone for feeling tired after going through all the booths till the end. Was I glad to see Idealtech at the end.

I feel that the expo has yet to stay true to it's purpose as the only true PC booth is presented by Idealtech and Stuff Magazine. While it is true that mobile devices are the thing(s) of the future, the PC will always have a place in modern day homes. The Idealtech team has proven just that at the end of the expo, turned the heads of people with PCs that promises the best form of entertainment for the whole family. I also get the chance to chat with the public, their eyes light up when I told them that the team will custom build a PC based on their needs and budget. 

People's misconception of the term Personal Computer is disappointing indeed, I hope more exhibitors will be like Idealtech's in the future so that the PC-Expo can deliver the true meaning of what a real PC is. Else they should rename it to Device expo instead.